Welcome Kit For New Employees - Create Onboarding Experience Like Never Before
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Welcome Kit For New Employees – Create Onboarding Experience Like Never Before

September 5, 2022
Welcome Kit For New Employees Create Onboarding Experience Like Never Before.

Imagine it’s the first day of a new hire. As an HR Manager, you are the first person to welcome the new employee as he walks towards the office door. The new employees have lots of questions and worries striking their heads.

An employee expects a warm welcome to the new team. But imagine, as and when the new employee enters the office, you introduce them to their team, show them their desk, and hand over the tasks and duties. Doing this converts the entire excitement into boredom and nervousness.

This is where the Welcome kit for new employees comes into the picture. If you are an HR Manager or the company CEO and want to make a new hire feel like a homie, this blog will walk you through the various aspects of a new employee welcome kit.

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Welcome Kit For New Employees – Importance

An employee’s first impression matters. If you want to make them feel welcomed by the team, if you want to improve your retention, a welcome kit is the best you can provide on the onboarding day.

A new employee welcome kit can help new employees enjoy their new job as they feel welcomed by their team, and have more information on how to perform their duties properly. This reduces the feeling of stress which may come with the first day at their job. By helping the new hires enjoy their job and feel like a part of the team, you are more likely to have loyal staff and less employee turnover.

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Creating a Welcome Kit for New Employees – Must-Have Items 

  • Onboard with a Personalized Welcome Letter

Don’t you feel happy when you are welcomed by a salesperson when you visit a store? They make you feel special right? Why not do this with your new employees? You can include a short welcome letter in your welcome kit for new employees. Try to make the letter personalized in order to better connect with them. Also, you can ask the members of that particular department to write a welcome message for the new member joining that team.

  • Company’s Brochure

You may give the company’s prospectus or booklet to your new hires to help them get to know your business. The company’s information, such as when and how it was founded, its founders, its staff, and its office space, may be included in the brochure. You can also include amusing information about your current staff members and images of happy employees having a good time away from the office. Remember to include some logistical details as well. Include their primary point of contact, any forms that are necessary, details about the people they will be reporting to, etc.

  • T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Attire- Stuff They Love

Make your employees feel good by adding the items like shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, or a uniform to your new employee welcome kits. This will not only make the employees feel special but also help you in company branding. When an employee wears company branding stuff while coming to the office, he/she carries your brand which is one of the most popular ways of improving company branding. This also fuels the company authorities when they see their people embracing their company items.

  • Tech Gadgets to the Tech Lovers

Although employees can use PCs or laptops at the office, think about including tiny tech accessories in your welcome kit. You can offer mousepads, headphones, and access to any software or tools that your new hires will need once they start working for the organization. By doing this, you are making things simpler for them and preparing them properly for their employment. You can meet your needs by choosing one of the many businesses that provide on-demand branded tech products.

  • Prioritize their Wellness

Every one of us craves to be cared for. We love when somebody cares for us. You can make your employees feel special and valued from the very beginning by offering them corporate wellness program subscriptions.

  • Employee Handbook

Any employee welcome kit must include an employee handbook. Employees can get answers to any questions they may have concerning corporate policies in this item, which also serves as a helpful reference to working at the company.

Above are some of the most common items you can offer in your welcome kit for new employees. There are many companies that offer the most employee-centric welcome kits. Let’s have a look at the companies offering the best welcome kits to their employees.

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Companies Setting Examples for the Best New Employee Welcome Kit in India

  • UBS

UBS is an ultimate HRMS Software that helps the Human Resource departments to manage and streamline their workforces. As a part of its welcome kit, UBS offers a bag with its logo on it, a t-shirt with the company branding, a notepad, a pen, a chocolate box, and most importantly a welcoming and pleasant work culture.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-storage service that lets you save your files online and sync them with your device. Dropbox’s welcome kit for new employees includes a handwritten welcome note left at each new employee’s desk, along with laptop decals, a camp mug, coffee, a journal, and a pen.

  • Twitter

This well-liked social media platform has a special method of welcoming new workers. It gives a wine bottle with the Twitter logo on it, as well as a notebook, tote bag, t-shirt, and laptop cover. Just picture how pleasant it would be to open such a package. Employees who don’t drink, however, may exist, thus it might not be suitable for everyone.

  • Okta.com

Okta.com delivers powerful authentication and authorization services to all apps. Hoodie lovers will like the welcome kit Okta is providing. Its welcome kit contains elements that are simple yet attractive. New hires at Okta receive a gray hoodie, a journal, a stylish backpack, and a water bottle in their welcome package.

  • Uber

In the transportation, ride-sharing, and food delivery sectors, Uber is a well-known brand. The company provides new hires with a baseball cap, a black coffee mug, a notepad, and a tote bag as part of their welcome kit. Additionally, Uber provides new drivers with a welcome kit that includes an iPhone, a driver’s manual, a brief word of welcome, and an accessories kit.


First impressions are a very important factor when you are hiring new employees for your organization. With a significantly great employee onboarding experience, they are likely to stay with the company for a longer time. Above are some of the unmatched new employee welcome kits. You can also set an example for your employees. Consider creating your customized welcome kit for new employees and create the employee experience like never before.

Businesses are making significant investments in HRMS software to provide hassle-free onboarding and efficient team management. You can choose to use such a tool to streamline your HR and other business operations.


What is employee Joining Kit?

An employee joining kit also known as a new hire welcome kit contains various goodies, handbooks, and more to make the employees feel like a homie and improve the employee onboarding experience.

What does welcome kit include?

What an employee welcome kit contains depends on the company. However, you can see the above blog for some examples of the best welcome kits or even customize your own.

What is the best new hire welcome kit?

Best welcome kits must make the employees feel valued and happy. Look for the companies offering the best employee joining kits and set an example for your employees.

What should be in a new hire welcome kit?

A new hire welcome kit can have a short welcome letter, gadgets, goodies, company branding t-shirts, bags, an employee handbook, and more. Check out the above post to know more.

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