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Top 10 Job Portals in India

July 28, 2022
Top 10 Job Portals in India

Are you looking for a new job? Are you looking for a job change? If this is your first job, where you need to figure out what exactly is the position you need to apply into. The job hunt is a lengthy and time-consuming process. In the below-mentioned list, you will see the top 10 job portals in India. These are the ones, where every employer is!

List of top 10 job portals in India!

1. Naukri

One of the most established pursuits of employment, Naukri, also known as was established in 1997!

The platform is accessed by several Indians day to day. It tries to support individuals in securing job positions in India as well as across the world. The platform offers worldwide postings, premium worldwide open doors, and a presence in all nations.

In the exceptional form that the platform is, you can look for recommendations while building your resume and adding your features and shortcomings. The site lands refreshed by day-to-day job postings from recruiters. And the biggest benefit is that you can search for a position from here.

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2. Indeed

Indeed has become one of the most favorite among all places of work in India. It has turned into the force to drive the world to become one of the most outstanding quests for new employment sites in India.

They don’t simply extend employment opportunity postings yet in addition an organization survey highlights that permits candidates to find out about the organization they are applying to.

Indeed is mostly made up of employees in India. And makes it easier for the employers to search for respective portfolios.


3. Monster India

Many individuals believe MonsterIndia is one more of the most established pursuit of employment destinations.

Aside from many job positions, there is a blog segment where one can find out about the most recent work patterns, grasp the local area, and gain bits of knowledge about the market.

With the job world spreading across 40+ nations on MonsterIndia, the online job platform is a go-to state-of-the-art innovation supplier for selection representatives across the world. They likewise have the right resume administration that offers explicit tips in light of which level you are in.

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4. Linkedin

It would be a crime to discuss job portals and applications and not mention LinkedIn. It is a brilliant attraction for all expert job recruits and not simply for exploring occupations.

Here you can track down representatives from different associations, converse with them about their work and wants, apply for openings and take expertise evaluations. It is a tremendous package as a job portal in itself.

Since a large portion of the employers and employees are on LinkedIn, contacting them straightforwardly gets simpler when you have a presence at this stage. You might invest your energy here, participate in discussions and develop your organization naturally.


5. Shine

Shine online job portal is handled and managed by HT Media.

It works as an imaginative spot for individuals to secure positions in India and look for employment counsel from experts.

A portion of the standard highlights of the platform incorporates telephone, email, and live talk support, simple to explore, and an application as well.


6. Quikr Jobs

Quikr Jobs is broadly utilized by small and medium-sized organizations, which can’t manage the cost of recruitment. And even if people can likewise utilize their time in recruitment, the HR staff need to spend time on other work.

Quikr Jobs permits you to post requirements free of charge or cost yet with restricted applications permeability, yet later you can move to their top-notch intent to see applications.

Quikr occupations help in securing workers for different positions. Quikr assists you in securing positions quickly. However, most of the positions, and jobs here comprise low-paid positions.

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7. Times Jobs

Times Jobs or has a place with Times Group, which runs the Times of India paper, one of the biggest newspapers in India.

There are around 25,000 people enrolled in temporary jobs. So if you register in Times occupations, your profile should be visible to them. Times Jobs has more than 1.5 million site visits consistently in India.

The employing administrations of Times careers are less expensive when contrasted with other work gateways, so organizations who can’t stand to post their positions in Naukri, and Monster will utilize the administrations of this online job portal in India.

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8. Glass Door

One of the online job portals where work entry is known for its organization surveys. Glassdoor helps the work searchers in exploring the organization’s thoughts and contrasting the compensation and comparative positions in different organizations.

You can find every one of the top organizations’ surveys on Glass Door, which were given by their ex-representatives. Given their surveys, you can take a choice to go after a position in that organization or not.

Having your profile in Glass Door will assist you in your job search. Glass Door likewise extends to premium administrations to businesses to post-employment opportunity openings.

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9. Freshers World

There are more than 1.5 crores of profiles enlisted with freshers world, and over 60,000 enrollment specialists are utilizing their administrations.

This site gives the data of government occupations likewise, so alongside going after confidential positions you can likewise get the data of government occupations.

Enrollment specialists can post free employment opportunities in the freshers’ world, and contingent upon the reaction they can move to the top-notch plan.

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10. NCS portal

NCS portal or webpage is an administration site operated by the service of work and business. The full type of NCS is the National profession administration.

NCS is a free site. So on the off chance that you are a business, you can post the employment opportunities in your organization free of charge or cost.

I suggest involving the NCS administrations for both employers as well as the employees to tackle their occupation-related issues.

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If you are looking for a job portal that helps you manage your CV as well as your career growth, the above-mentioned list should be able to help you. These are some of the best job sites in India to help you with your job search.

Check them out to hire the best talent!

And once you find that talent, you can ensure a smoother onboarding with the help of UBS HRMS Software. It will help you make the onboarding process a smooth experience for your newly onboarded employees.


Which job portal is best in India?

One of the best Job portals to look out for these days is LinkedIn. It is a platform, where you can see how active your employee is and how efficient their work profile is. IT helios you understand the employee's background.

Which job portal is best in India 2021?

As we have mentioned above, it is a list of the top 10 job portals in India here. You can check out the details regarding every job portal above and then select your preference accordingly.

Which online job portal is best?

The above-mentioned list includes the top 10 job portals in India, you can check the list and choose what meets your requirement.

Which job portal is best in India for freshers?

Freshers World is one of the best websites to look out for a job, freshers. You can also look out for job opportunities on the other platforms mentioned in the list above.

How do I find a job online?

You can check out different job portals online and search according to your interests. You can apply through these websites. You can check out different online job portals above.

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