Internship Offer Letter - Format, Meaning, Elements, and Examples
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Internship Offer Letter – Format, Meaning, Elements, and Examples

June 15, 2022
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Internship Offer Letter

Internships help students and future job candidates gain the industry-level and real-time experience needed to develop and apply their skills and knowledge in the workplace. An Internship offer letter is a formal letter informing the candidates that they have been selected for a particular post as an intern in your company.

As a company manager or an HR Executive, you will be responsible for tasks like onboarding – offboarding, lifecycle management, and many more. In that case,  writing internship offer letters for the selected candidates is one of the tasks. If you are a manager or an HR of the company looking for a ready-to-use internship offer letter, you are at the right place.

Ultimate Business Systems is a leading HRMS Software offering you an HR Toolkit containing easy-to-use customized internship offer letters and other relevant HR Letters such as employee nomination letter that will help you streamline your HR Processes and also save time. However, in this blog, we will discuss what an Internship offer letter is, how to write this type of offer letter, letter template, examples, and more.

Let’s get started to gain more insights about Internship Offer Letters.

What is an Internship Offer Letter?

An Internship Offer Letter is a letter provided to a candidate by a company that is hiring relevant interns for their business. This letter is a formal document used to inform the candidates that they have been selected for a position as an intern in your company. It contains information regarding the internship and the job profile.

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Key Elements of an Internship Offer Letter

This letter should contain several important aspects that will help the interns understand the internship offer. Below you can see the key elements of this internship letter.

1. Company Information

In this section of the letter, mention the details of the company and the location of the office. Prefer writing this letter on the company’s letterhead. It would be helpful for the intern if you add a brief description of what your company does.

2. Internship Period

Specify the start date and the end date of the internship i.e., the duration of the internship. Also mention the number of working hours in a week.

3. Job Title and Description

Write a detailed description of the job an intern will be performing during the internship. Convey your exact expectation for the intern, and also include the necessary skills, responsibilities, and duties of the intern.

4. Compensation

This section includes information about the employee’s stipend. Clearly specify whether the internship is paid or unpaid. If the internship is paid, you can consider the unpaid internship offer letter sample. Clearly mention the amount he/she will be getting for providing the services to the company.

5. Terms and Conditions

Mentioning the legal terms and conditions is one of the most important sections of an internship offer letter. Therefore, mention the important clauses like compensation, termination, etc., according to your business requirements.

6. Signature

This is the final section that shows the acceptance of the internship offer. Here in this section, both the intern and the company sign the letter making it a formal agreement between both.

If you are offering an internship to a candidate, ensure being clear about the internship being paid or unpaid. Also, set out the internship goals and assign a supervisor to act as a mentor to the intern. Make sure that the pressure on the intern should not be the same as that of employees but still stay organized and productive at the office.

Above were the basics of an internship offer letter that you must know before starting to write the letter. Now let’s see the sample internship offer letter and examples. 

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Internship Offer Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Internship Offer Letter Format

Internship Offer Letter format

Internship Offer Letter Example

Internship Offer Letter Example


Getting hired for an internship nowhere means getting the desired compensation amount. Most interns want to gain experience rather than compensation. Just like how a Job Offer Letter presents an employment offer to an employee, internship offer letters should provide fair and meaningful offers to the interns.

Get access to the Internship Offer Letter from the leading HRMS Software India – UBS. UBS offers an HR toolkit offering not only the HR letters, but also the HR Forms, HR Policies, and Job descriptions to save the time of HRs and streamline their business operations.

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