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Performance Development Plan

What is Performance Development Plan?

Performance Development Plan- PDP is a significant part of PMS (Performance Management System). This tool is used to improve employees’ performance and the overall performance management of the company.

What Does Performance Development Plan Do?

  • PDP identifies the area of improvement, and gaps, measure the progress, and set goals.
  • It helps to shape the strategy to figure towards the desired outcomes.
  • PDP navigates improvement goals before you directly plunge into implementing PDP strategies.
  • The method of PDP enables employees and management to identify the personal and business goals that are most significant to the organization’s success.
  • PDP navigates the needed support and resources when outlining a performance development plan.
  • PDP helps to enlist practical steps to accomplish the goals, without disturbing employees to make or monitor their progress.

Performance development planning is held quarterly, allowing employees and their managers to trace progress and make adjustments as needed.  The PDP process allows the identification of organizational goals which are significant to the company’s growth and success.

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