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Goal Setting

What is Goal Setting?

Setting objectives requires taking proactive steps to achieve your desired result. Setting goals can take several shapes, depending on one’s lifestyle, morality, and definition of success. Your goals are unique to you and do not need to be the same as anyone else’s.

Goal setting is often defined as the process of defining something you want to do and setting quantifiable objectives and deadlines to help you get there. Goal-setting can help you in all aspects of your life. Setting incremental goals that allow for small triumphs will assist you in achieving greater goals. These small goals lead to growth, which is all you need to feel satisfied and content.

There are three types of goals according to the desired outcome – process, performance, and outcome goals.

  • Process goals: Specific actions or ‘processes’ of performing. Process goals are 100% controllable by the individual and need to be kept in thorough check.
  • Performance goals: Includes personal standards to be achieved over time. Personal goals are mostly controllable and focus on individual requirements.
  • Outcome goals: Based on winning. Outcome goals are very difficult to control because of other outside influences of the individuals as well as situational factors.

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