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Meeting Minutes

What are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are recorded notes taken during a meeting. They emphasize the most important subjects being addressed, motions being made or voted on, and activities to be carried out. The minutes of a meeting are usually taken by a member of the organization who has been chosen. It is their responsibility to preserve a full record of what transpired during the meeting.

When it comes to recording meeting minutes, there are five major processes to follow. They are as follows:

  • Pre-planning
  • Pre-planning
  • Writing or Recording the Minutes 
  • Sharing Meeting Minutes 
  • Filing or storing of Minutes for future reference.

The purpose of meeting minutes documentation is to achieve the following objectives:

  • Include facts such as the project name, meeting topic, date, time, location, attendees, the person who produced the minutes, and who it was delivered to in a written follow-up.
  • To be aware of which agreed-upon acts must be carried out by whom and when;
  • to find out what the main findings were;
  • Follow-up notes of the meeting discourse in the form of an essay;
  • Any attachments presented at the meeting should be noted.

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