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Kickoff Meeting

What is a Kickoff Meeting?

The kick-off meeting is defined as the initiation point. It usually marks the official start of a project or is scheduled before the start of a larger new phase of the project. If you’re an agile team, it can also be the start of a new way of working at the already maintained workforce. The opportunity to get to know each other personally is also a great way to learn through work. This is a great advantage of a kickoff meeting, especially for distributed team project members, as not everyone will likely meet in person during the project.

All the members of the project team must take part in a kick-off event. Customers and other relevant stakeholders can also participate. The project plan should be drawn up before the kickoff meeting begins. The kick-off meeting takes place at the beginning of the actual implementation of the project.

The kickoff meeting has the following benefits:

  • It helps team members get to know each other.
  • It shows the project manager’s authority and leadership skills.
  • It helps team members understand the project objectives.
  • It allows stakeholders to understand the milestones, risks, assumptions, and constraints of the project.
  • It assists the project manager in gaining support from stakeholders.
  • It provides attendees with an opportunity to clarify doubts.
  • It gets stakeholders on the same page.

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