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Employee Engagement

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a concept in human resources (HR) that describes a worker’s level of dedication and passion for their work. Employees that are engaged are concerned about their work and the company’s success, and they believe that their efforts are important. An engaged employee is motivated by more than a paycheck, and they may perceive their well-being to be tied to their performance, making them crucial to the company’s success.

All three components – attitudes, behaviors, and outcomes – are thought to be a part of the engagement cycle. When the engagement pre-conditions are met, there is a virtual ground. These three dimensions of engagement are mutually reinforcing and triggering.

Despite the fact that the exact definition of employee engagement is up for debate, there are three things we do know about it.

  • It is measurable.
  • It can be linked to a person’s performance.
  • It ranges from mediocre to excellent.

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