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Termination Letter

What is a Termination Letter?

A Termination Letter is a formal document given to an employee by an employer informing them about the dismissal of their services. It is a formal letter to an employee and an official record of the fact that it is the end of their employment.

While there is no requirement to deliver a termination letter, a thorough and clear letter can help employers prevent a situation where the employee can claim that they were terminated without any cause or information.

A Termination Letter is also known as a letter of termination or notice of termination.

Types of Termination Letter:

  • With cause termination letter
  • without cause termination letter
  • end of contract termination letter

What does a termination letter include?

  • The termination date
  • Reason(s) for dismissal
  • A proper explanation of the next steps of compensation and benefits
  • A list of company properties to be returned by the company
  • Notification of agreements signed by the employee like NDA
  • HR Contact information for further queries, if any

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