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Attendance Tracking Software – 7 Features Will Help To Choose

December 21, 2022
Attendance Tracking Software

With the newest technology nowadays, Real-time tracking, it’s clear that the adoption of attendance tracking software into an organization’s HR department has become increasingly important.

First of all, you should know that regulations always maintain office culture and improve the productivity of the people.  In that case, time and attendance are areas that are often considered for office discipline.

In earlier ways, there was outdated attendance tracking software offline or online. It lacks a wide range of features that automated cloud software has. We prefer if you want true growth of the organization then you need to consider updated technology.  This efficient system allows HR and other internal teams to run effectively of equal importance.

On contrary, smart attendance tracking software will help you track employee hours in real-time, ensuring there are not any policy or regulatory violations. It also goes an extended way in simplifying payroll.

Save your more than 50 of time

What Is an Attendance Tracking System?

A solution that helps to keep track of employees’ time spent in the office is called an attendance tracking system.

If it is an online, cloud, and smart system so that necessarily needs to be a digital tool. A real-time clock in and out, tracking hours, and cloud-based data storage are required. Otherwise, you need to consider paper sheets, time clocks, and spreadsheets.

We prefer to step forward and consider a cloud-based attendance tracking system that offers cost optimization, advantages of flexibility, and simple access across devices and platforms.  This has given rise to dedicated HRMS software or attendance management software for employee time-tracking, starting from on-premise software to cloud-based tools with advanced analytics and automated schedule.

Consider the reliable and cloud-based tracking system that helps to improve efficiency!

Gaining Insights into the Basics of Employee Portal Software

Advantages To Install Attendance Tracking Software

So, before knowing the features of the attendance software, you need to understand its advantages of it. Check their major advantages for your corporation. 

  • Easy Workflow Management

One of the biggest advantages of an automated attendance tracking system is the ease of workflow management. Yes, it is. If you know everyone’s presence and leave you can easily coordinate with the employee to the manager. 

With the right workflow set in place, the employer can have clear visibility of attendance regularization requests, any overtime requests, etc. with almost No Communication in the least.

Easy Workflow Management

These all are time-consuming activities- shift change, shift schedule, clock in, etc and if it is done with the automated tracking system then it may help to reduce almost 50% of the efforts of HR. 

  • Save Money And Time

Paper-based systems and counting each and every hour takes a lot of effort. It is time-consuming of course and can drain hours from those charged with this complex task.

Additionally, the wait time for attendance checking frustrates employees.

Save Money And Time

An integrated time and attendance tracking software can decrease time and effort also expenses associated with the management, and data entry involved during a manual system.

  • Improving Productivity

The first thing for any business is productivity improvement. If you want your business will grow easily then consider maximum productivity. 

A successful business relies on maximum productivity and minimum error. With automatic attendance tracking software, you’ll cut down on manual tasks like updating the working hours of employees and cherish a simple yet effective method of processing your payroll.

Improving Productivity

So, implementing automated attendance management systems can save hours to work more to concentrate on other responsibilities.

Automated Leave Management System – Why is it a Must Have?

  • Data Reliability

  • What if the paper is missing where you noted attendance?
  • What if the spreadsheet is forgotten somewhere?

This can happen when you don’t use the software.

Data Reliability

How can you search for it? 

A central attendance tracking software will always provide you with accurate data and space to store as much as data.  So, you can consider it the most reliable one. Also, you’ll eliminate the cost and inevitability of human errors and focus on efficiency and productivity.

A central attendance system keeps track of the info in real-time thus reducing the risk of time theft.

  • Regulate Company Culture

A lot of organizations might not know this regulation about attendance. However, building a strong culture is one of the rarest advantages of automated attendance tracking software. 

Employees have to come on time and it will create more discipline in the office. 

Regulate Company Culture

Also, employees appreciate having access to their data with authentication and it can help with employee satisfaction and engagement. 

An automated system will provide your employees with all the necessary information such as remaining working hours, leave balance, time and which will help them plan their schedules. At last, you’ll be rewarded with a happy and productive workplace.

Attendance Management System: What The Hype Is All About And What’s In It for You?

Features You Should Look for in Attendance Tracking Software

Whether you select a cloud-based attendance system or on-premise, some features are vital to have in your company. Here are some we described to know.

  • Clocking In And Out- Time Tracking

What is the benefit if, the attendance system can’t track the real-time employees? 

By using Attendance management Software employees should be able to clock in, during break periods, and clock out after the workday is complete. Many corporate companies prefer to use the biometric system or card reader for eliminating fake proxy and several uses online cloud-based automated software.

This attendance tracking software must have the potential to provide attendance reports in real-time. So, this can directly integrate into other modules. Having these features in one simple location makes it easier for your employees to remain on top of their time card responsibilities.

It should allow the employee to track their attendance online application. The attendance management software also can include time tracking on the user’s device, allowing them to enter attendance information on-site.

  •  Payroll Integration

Payroll is a necessary function, and if attendance is linked with the payroll module then it is like “Icing On The Cake!” 

When it’s time for you to organize payroll, the software should be ready to easily integrate with your payroll software to use the information on the hours your employees worked into calculating their salary and other allowances.

If your attendance management system is linked to payroll, it becomes easy to calculate the right amount as per the time put in, reconciling any approved leaves. A useful software will support hourly compensation and versatile payments.

  • Leave Management

Leave management is another module you need to link with attendance tracking software.  A missed day shouldn’t automatically register as “absent”; so it can help if the system is not logged in then it should be absent. 

As mentioned above, the software should be built to allow employees to use it to request time off. Whether that is a sick day, vacation day, or parental leave it should have the capability. 

  • Calendar Integration

When the attendance software is integrated with the holiday calendar then it makes all things easy when on the last day of the month you count attendance and miss holidays. An attendance management system also can be synced with digital calendars and helps everyone on the team realize a person’s availability. Calendar integrations are especially relevant for a hybrid model or remote teams where you’ll simply check on a person’s attendance with a calendar.

Importance of Attendance Management System We Bet You Didn’t Know!

  • Easy Interface

The attendance tracking software should be easy to use for employees and it should be enough for all staff members to use no matter their technical ability. Why? Because if it is hard to use, no one loves to use it – not managers and not even employees.

It should be easy for employees who haven’t used this software before…

  • Employee Self-Service

Clock In and out, also applying attendance requests is under employee self-service. It should be done by the employee only, and it is a game-changer for your attendance tracking system.

Your employees do not need to clock in at the office doorway; they should have access to use this software for some manual tasks. The tasks can be checked by employees such as correction, records checking, and leave requests without taking help from HR.

  • Cloud Support

A premises system is okay, but cloud support enhances to the storage of more data and accesses it from anywhere. Local data storage may be a thing of the past. Instead, go for a system that’s integrated with the cloud, keeping all employee data in one place that you simply and your employees can each easily refer to when needed.

Winding Up,

As you now understand the importance of automated attendance tracking software, and which features you have to take before getting it.

UBS as the cloud-based, automated attendance tracking system helps every small and big business to regulate attendance and save almost 50% of HR’s efforts and time.

You can enhance the team efficiency, improve office culture and boost productivity by adopting a small change in your office.

So, are you ready to use it?

Tracking employee attendance from anywhere


Which Software Is Best For Attendance?

Automated and cloud-based attendance tracking software is the best. You can use UBS for all your needs for attendance.

What Is The Best Way To Track Employee Attendance?

By using real-time tracking software you can easily track employee attendance for your corporate.

How Can I Track My Attendance?

You can use the automated software to track real-time of working. Check clock-in, break-in, break-out, and clock-out times for the same.

How Can I Track My Employee Attendance Online?

A real-time cloud-based tracking software can help to track employee attendance online.

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