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Employee Apology Letter
January 11, 2023

Employee Apology Letter – Format, Meaning, Example, and Know How to Write

“Humans make mistakes.” However, it might be challenging to acknowledge […]

Employee Actual Performance Form
January 10, 2023

Employee Actual Performance Form- Here Is What To Do

Performance evaluation is equally important to maintain employees’ productivity. There […]

Relieving Letter
January 9, 2023

Relieving Letter: All You Need To Know About Purpose And Usages

Whenever an employee leaves the organization, there are multiple processes […]

form 13
January 9, 2023

How To Download And Fill Form 13 To Transfer EPF Account?

Whenever employees wanted to transfer old PF balance details to […]

Form 11
January 6, 2023

Get Rid Of ‘Form 11’ Challenges By Checking This Ultimate Guide

EPF is a social security fund; it is enforced by […]

Letter of Appointment
January 6, 2023

Letter of Appointment – Know the Basics to Craft a Perfect Letter

Hiring a new employee in the company is always an […]

Letter of Expectations
January 5, 2023

A Letter of Expectations to Employees – Setting Expectations in Action

As a manager, you need to clearly let your employees […]

nomination letter
January 5, 2023

Employee Nomination Letter – Format, Sample, Example, and Write a Nomination Letter

Do you have award ceremonies at your company? How do […]

Regret Letter
January 3, 2023

Regret Letter – Format, Writing Tips, Templates, Examples, and More

These days companies advertising posts for job vacancies are dealing […]

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