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Know Everything About Write an Authorization Letter

December 27, 2022
HR Toolkit
Authorization Letter

What is Authorization? Authority means giving someone the power to handle work or do something on your behalf.

  • When you are outside somewhere, and you want to collect a professional or legal document. 
  • When you are on leave, and you have a deadline to perform a task, and so on. 

Therefore, to perform the above responsibility, you give someone the authority to handle the task on your behalf.

You can do this by writing an authorization letter which will act as proof that you have given the authority to the other person.

This blog is all about Authorization letters, their importance, and more.

So, let’s dive in!!

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What is a Letter of Authorization?

A letter of authorization is a letter in which you officially assign someone else responsible for your work. This letter includes the permission for making someone else liable to take action on your behalf. The person who is assigned the task must keep this letter along while performing the task.

Authorization Letter to Process Documents

It is expected when a person grows too busy with work or any other business they need to attend, it is not always possible for them to process the documents by themselves. This is when these people ask for support. An authorization letter is required to process the documents on behalf of someone else.

Not being able to be present at two places at the same time is an all-too-common occurrence in real life. If someone else can assist you, such as processing documents on your behalf, it would be very beneficial. In this situation, it is preferable to issue a concise document that allows some other person to act on your behalf. In simple terms, it’s one person giving permission to the other person to perform a task on his/her behalf.

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Why Do You Need a Letter of Authorization?

A letter of authorization confirms that the person has the legal authority to act on your behalf. Below might be the reasons why you need an authorization letter:

  • An authorization letter for the bank.
  • An authorization letter for employment verification.
  • An authorization letter for the passport of a child.
  • An authorization letter for the employee to collect or process the documents on your behalf.

Benefits of Using a Letter of Authorization

An official authorization letter confirms or validates your word. You can issue this letter when you feel sick and want your colleague to take on your responsibilities. It is possible that the boss may not know this if you merely inform him and he accepts it. The letter of authorization is proof of your authority to stop any future complications. Following are some other benefits of the same:

  • You know the responsible person for the action

When you give someone the responsibility to take on your work, they automatically become responsible for it. You can simply find that person responsible if anything goes wrong. There are various examples of this like sending a junior to collect documents on your behalf and issuing him/her a letter of authority. If your colleague misplaces the document on the way, he/she will be responsible for the loss and the payment of compensation would solely be on his/her shoulders. In contrast, if you do not issue the authority letter, you will be responsible for the loss.

  • Keep a record of details

The authorization letter must contain specific information such as the recipient’s name, authorization date, and the task for which the person is authorized. If they do something that was against what they were allowed to do, this letter can be used as verification.

  • Legal benefits

When a person claims anything, he/she signs their name under the letter. This letter needs to be signed by both parties. As a result, this is a legally binding document. In case any legal dispute occurs, you can show this letter as evidence.

Authorization Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

How to Write a Letter of Authorization?

If you are writing an authorization letter for document attestation, avoid using informal words. Your letter should include information on the person you are authorizing to attest to your document, as well as the procedures you and the authorized person will follow to obtain and deliver the document.

In your letter of authorization for document attestation, include the following information:

Include the receiver’s department’s name and address. You must be confused by this point because an attestation method involves three departments that each check a document and vouch for it. Which department will be mentioned in the letter in this circumstance?

Therefore, there are numerous modest and challenging measures involved in the topic of stating the relevant department in the authorization letter. You can download the readymade authorization letter format from the UBS HR toolkit in order to create a formal and well-crafted document.

  • Sender’s contact details (name, address, phone number, email, etc)
  • Write a subject.
  • Begin your letter with a polite salutation like “Dear”.
  • In the body of the letter, provide the name of the person you are permitting to do the task, and also provide proof that you wrote the letter.
  • In the end, thank the reader and add a formal closing.
  • Write your full name at the end of the letter.
  • Your designation.
  • finally, sign the letter.


With the above article, we hope you gained some insight into how to write a solid authorization letter. Issuing a letter of authorization is very important if you want someone else to perform any action on your behalf.

If you want to write a letter of authorization, you can download the authorization letter format from UBS HR Toolkit. Also, if you are looking for any other onboarding and offboarding documents like HR letters, emails, forms, and more; feel free to download them from UBS HRMS Software for free.

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