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Learn to Write an Effective Employment Confirmation Letter with UBS

January 18, 2023
HR Toolkit
Confirmation Letter

An applicant waiting for the call-back will never be happier when they receive a confirmation letter. That is the thrill of getting selected for a job. If you have ever received a confirmation letter, you might know its importance for a recipient.

Therefore, as an HR or an employer, getting its content right before giving it to the employee is very crucial at first.

Your reason for coming to this blog page is probably because you want to know everything about the confirmation letter and its importance to employees.

So without further delay, let’s get started!!

What is a Confirmation Letter?

A confirmation letter is an official document given to employees after they complete their probation period in a company.

As the name suggests, the confirmation letter officially announces and accepts an employee as the company’s asset. For an employee, getting a confirmation letter proves his/her excitement and gives them the security of officially and legally being an integral part of the company.

Creating a letter of confirmation is easier with UBS HR Toolkit.

It is also known as an employment confirmation letter or the job confirmation letter.

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Importance of a Confirmation Letter

A job confirmation letter is the best document a company can send to its employees as they wait for it throughout the probation period. As we mentioned above, this letter not only makes an employee feel secure but also makes them feel confident about being a part of an organization.

Additionally, an employment confirmation letter is also important for employees for the below reasons:

  • It locks/confirms an oral agreement.
  • It acts as legal proof.
  • Eliminates confusion between the employee and the employer along the way.
  • It increases trust and morale amongst employees.
  • It clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of an employee towards the company.
  • If an employee plans to move to another company, the confirmation letter acts as proof of the position and the salary he/she held in the previous company.

To put it simply, the letter of confirmation is an important document for both employees and employers. Hence, it is important for every employer to provide this document to all its employees after probation completion. Employees, on the other hand, must ask for a confirmation letter if they do not receive it from the employer.

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Features of Letter of Confirmation

A letter of confirmation has many features, below are a few:

1. Fixing Responsibility

A confirmation letter provides an easy way for the employee to recall his/her responsibilities in an organization. 

2. Confirmation of Employment

The letter of confirmation is an official document issued by an employer for confirming an employee’s employment in the company. No matter what industry it is, a confirmation letter is an important HR letter in organizations. 

3. Remove Confusion

The letter of job confirmation removes any kind of future confusion concerning employment. Probation is accompanied by a confirmation letter.

4. Motivation

These letters are written with a congratulatory tone and it serves to motivate employees beyond their contractual importance.

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Must have components of a Confirmation Letter

A confirmation letter should contain the following components:

  • Name and address of the employee
  • Date of Joining
  • Salary offered
  • Confirmation date
  • Details of benefits
  • All the important terms and conditions (if any)
  • Designation
  • And the employee’s job description

Regardless of the confirmation letter format you use, always remember to use a formal tone, standard font and size, and proper formatting while drafting the letter.

5 Steps to Write a Confirmation Letter

Now that you know the must-have components of a confirmation letter, follow the below steps to know how to write one effectively:

1. On the Letterhead

The top of your letter must have a header that includes the contact details of the company and the employee. This will help you and the employee both find the contact details of each other whenever required.

2. Start Explaining

Start explaining the purpose of the letter. Detail the decision you have made for the employee. This will help the employee understand the whole purpose in the first paragraph itself. 

3. Get into Detailing

After you have given a brief explanation, the next step is to write detailed information about the confirmation.

4. Highlight the Important Attachments

If you do not want to add any attachments with the letter of confirmation, you can avoid this step. If you have, then ensure explaining what they are and what is the purpose of the letter for the employee.

5. Conclude the letter with a Supportive Statement

End the letter with a strong and concluding statement. Hence, putting a good impact on the recipient.

Confirmation Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Common Errors to Avoid When You Write an Employment Confirmation Letter

Below are a few common errors that you must avoid while writing an employment confirmation letter for your employee:

  1. Grammatical Errors!! We have said this in so many of our HR Letter blogs, but we still do not think that we can stress this enough. It is the worst experience when an employee finds a grammatical mistake or a typo in the letter. Therefore, be extra CAREFUL.
  2. Avoid making the mistake of leaving out crucial details about the employment. Be Clear and specific as much as you can.
  3. Do not give out any wrong information even by mistake. Back again check and recheck the information, especially the joining date, designation, manager’s contact details, etc.
  4. Don’t make your letter of confirmation sound like a contract. This letter is used to deliver good news to the employee. So let the letter content come that way. While a certain amount of formal tone is needed in the letter, let it have an overall happy and positive tone.
  5. Don’t forget to inform the employee of the offer’s duration. Although the majority of workers will be content to join your business permanently, you should never take this for granted. Some may have other switching intentions. Perhaps while you were determining whether they were a good fit for you, they came to the conclusion that you weren’t. Give them enough time to accept or reject the offer, and specify how much time.

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BONUS Tips for Writing a Confirmation Letter

Consider the following tips to make your letter sound more impressive:

  • Keep the letter body concise and to the point.
  • Use active voice from start to end.
  • Maintain a professional tone.
  • Proofread before sending.
  • Send it at the right time.
  • Even if you prefer sending the confirmation letter through email, also issue the hard copy to the employee.


A confirmation letter is a document that is delivered to the employee once their probationary period is over. This letter admonishes the employer to treat the employee as an asset. Receiving a confirmation letter from an employer gives an employee confidence in himself and makes him feel like a valuable member of the team.

An employee’s salary, joining and confirmation dates, title, and job description are all listed in a confirmation letter. This letter serves as evidence of the position and compensation the employee earned at his prior employer in the event that he later transfers to another one.

Now that you are aware of what a confirmation letter is, what it should contain, and how to create one, you can download the free confirmation letter template from the UBS HR Toolkit. Also, if you are looking for other HR documents or to automate your HR processes, UBS HRMS software is the best place for you.

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