Tutorial videos Essentials in SaaS Products: Learn Why?
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Tutorial Videos: Top 3 Essential Aspects in SaaS

Best proven points that make tutorial videos essential in SaaS products 3
October 4, 2021

Video marketing is by far one of the best ways to acquire new leads, customers, or clients. Especially for SaaS companies, it involves utilizing video through the funnel and attracting customers. Video marketing has more advantages over written content or article as it engages the users more effectively. 

Let us share with you some needy points that make videos essential in SaaS products. 

  • Boosts customer growth
  • Easy to Explain benefits of features to your customer
  • Relates your customers with your products. 

Boosts Customer Growth

Video tutorials on your new products can educate your customer effectively. It shows what your software or service does for them and how it works. But that doesn’t mean that the tutorial should be all about your product. Or its features. Or your company. Your customers aren’t interested in your software or its features all the time. All they want is the value and how that can help in their daily work life. 

They care about themselves. They want to know what’s in it for them, how your software helps them solve the real-time problems they’re facing, how your service helps them get where they want. Your customers are interested in the final results they can achieve. 

It’s about your customer, his problems, his goals. When you’re walking in your customers’ view, the perspective shifts. It makes you aware of your potential customers, their needs, their challenges, what they aspire to. 

Easy to Explain Benefits of Features to your Customer

As we all know the power of benefits to attract and convert your customers, how do you find those benefits? Once you’ve got all the information, it’s pretty easy. First, you need to know two areas: 

  • The features – It doesn’t matter whether enormous benefit or tiny; get to know all the parts of your software, product, or service. 
  • Your customers’ needs – What are the problems associated with your customers? How to get on with what they want? 

The company gets benefited if the features of a product meet the customer’s needs. The features must be specific and detailed. A general formula to generate benefit for your company is: “Feature + Need = Benefit”. 

So, what about video tutorials, then? Does it attract new customers? The first thing required to gain a customer’s view is by naming it with some WH questions. By doing this, your potential customers can immediately know what’s in it for them. The benefits of video marketing are endless. 

“Some quick tips on effectively utilizing time-tracking” 


Relates your Customers with your Products

By explaining the benefits clearly, it gets easier to motivate your customers. The goal is to gain customers’ impressions by watching the tutorial. So, instead of sticking with the old strategies like explaining every detail about the feature, start a video tutorial by putting a thumbnail of benefits. Then try to cover them with a summary of the part.  

Cloud-based software always opts for video content to demonstrate their essential software that helps small businesses quickly grow. Engaging from the beginning, paces the application demo with eye-catching graphics, light background music, and a detailed narrative that supports their prospects and customers to understand the product, what it’s used for and what it can do. 

How tough is it to create videos that educate your customer?


Boom, Easy as that


The points mentioned above are some of the best ways that make tutorial videos essential in SaaS products. It boosts customer growth, filters out the best features, and engages new customers. 

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Alpesh Vaghasiya

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