Job Interview Reminder Letter - Format, Meaning, Examples, and More
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Job Interview Reminder Letter – Format, Meaning, Examples, and More

June 21, 2022
HR Toolkit
Interview Reminder Letter

It goes without saying that bidding farewell to an employee and that too via termination is not easy. And since every situation is different, a letter of termination can help you convey your message effectively and leaves no room for any confusion to occur.

However, that is not just the case. Job seekers are continuously looking for opportunities in this competitive market. And therefore, you need to go the extra mile to convince them to apply for your open positions and to keep them engaged during the entire recruitment process.

This is where the job interview reminder letter comes in. So, make sure that your job interview reminder letter contains the following information:

  • Interview Date
  • Interview Start Time and expected duration
  • Interview location or the way to give the interview (if it is by audio or video call)
  • Interviewer Name

Also, you need to ensure that it implicitly represents that you are an amazing company to work with and that you highly value your employees. This is simpler than it sounds. You can create your own Interview letter by taking help from the HRMS Software available online.

So, if you are looking to write a reminder letter to job seekers, this blog is for you. Here in this blog, we will discuss the basics that will help you easily write a job interview reminder letter. Read further to know more.

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What is a Job Interview Reminder Letter?

Nowadays, people are surrounded with so much information that it becomes easy for them to forget even the most crucial events or information, even the job interviews. It is not about priorities or disrespect towards some company but just a case of information overload.

A candidate writes so many applications in a week so it is crucial to remind them about your scheduled interview. So, writing an interview reminder email is the best thing an employer can do. This simple paper not only reiterates critical facts that an interviewee needs to know in order to prepare for and attend your interview, but it also endears potential hires to your firm and establishes the foundation for a pleasant, welcoming relationship.

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Using this letter, you can remind the candidate about the following:

  • The day and time of the interview. This letter works especially if the candidate was invited for the interview a few days or weeks earlier.
  • To come along with their ID and other documents like a portfolio or any assessment if given.
  • Your workplace location and the directions to reach their.
  • Login details or credentials if the interview is scheduled in online mode.

Sending these reminder letters will help you improve the candidate experience. For instance, candidates will appreciate the fact that you went the extra miles to contact them and sent them all the information they needed to come prepared for the interview.

You can also eliminate any misunderstandings that might delay the hiring process and irritate the applicant. For instance, if an applicant is to give a video interview but does not have the login credentials and ultimately gets late. This might fluster the applicant which is not at all a good thing for the company’s reputation. Therefore, you can add the login credentials in the reminder letter.

Keep this letter as brief as possible but be sure to include all the necessary details to avoid any misunderstandings. If you are contacting candidates for scheduling the interview, check out our interview call letter format.

Job Interview Reminder Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Job Interview Reminder Letter Format

Interview Reminder Letter Format

Job Interview Reminder Letter Example

Interview Reminder Letter Example


Job Interview Reminder letters are a great way to stay connected with the applicant during the entire recruitment process. However, adding all the important information in the letter is very important to avoid any blunder. UBS HRMS Software offers the experts verified reminder letter template that will help you engage more efficiently with the applicant.

If you are looking for more HR documents like HR letters, policies, and Job Descriptions; UBS HRMS Software India is the best you can get. With this software, you can get your HR documents customized as per your company requirements.

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