Letter of Expectation - Format, Definition, Purpose, Examples, and More
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Letter of Expectation – Format, Definition, Purpose, Examples, and More

June 20, 2022
HR Toolkit
Letter of Expectation

To create and maintain a positive relationship with the employees of your organization, you need to clearly communicate the expectations and consistently take follow-ups in a fair and timely manner when expectations aren’t met. Regular communication with your employees builds a strong relationship and offers opportunities to give feedback.

If your employees are not able to perform the way you expected them to, you need to communicate your expectations. The best way to communicate the same is to issue a letter of expectation to that individual. There are many HRMS Softwares in India that can provide you with the Letter of expectation format to ease your work. However, if you want to know more about this letter, this blog will help you know the basics.

So, what is an Expectation Letter? Read further to know more.

Letter of Expectation – Meaning

A letter of expectation (LOE) is a letter that is issued to correct a deficiency of an employee, such as excessive absenteeism, poor performance, misbehavior, and more. It is the very first step in the corrective process. Putting your expectations and concerns in writing is an effective way for addressing the performance of the employees and mentioning other concerns.

An LOE usually constitutes 4 sections which include:

  • Description of the corrective action being taken, deficiency of employee, and any prior counseling if required. If the deficiency is excessive absenteeism, need not count the leaves that come under FMLA, CFRA, Worker’s Compensation, or any disability.
  • Statement of the corrective measures that the employee needs to take to correct the performance or any other misconduct.
  • To avoid an employee subsequently asserting an “ignorance defense,” provide notice of the employee’s rights under the FMLA. Forms and information about the FMLA can be accessed at https://ubsapp.com/hr-toolkit. There’s also a reminder about the options accessible through ASAP.
  • A section at the end that lists any papers that were used in making the decision to send the Letter of Expectations.

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What you should NOT include in the LOE:

Since the LOE is a corrective measure, not a disciplinary action, you should not include the following the letter:

  • A warning states that if the employee fails to show quick and sustained improvement, it may lead to further disciplinary action.
  • Do not include the information about the appeal rights of the employees.

Purpose of the Expectations Letter

The main purpose of this letter is to communicate the expectations, provide guidance, and reduce future misunderstandings. Your letter should be particularly about responsibilities and accountabilities.

In your LoE, do not refer to the particulars of the behavior, situation, or activity. It is not appropriate for the letter to be accusing. Instead of using the word “you,” use phrasing like “workers are expected to.” The letter must:

  • Be general so that any one of the same roles can receive it.
  • Be future looking.
  • Be proactive.
  • Ensure that there is no warning.
  • Be in a positive tone.
  • Contains no reference to previous meetings.
  • Refer to no other documents on file.

When Should You Issue a Letter of Expectation?

The letter can address the activity, behavior, or situation and can be issued to:

  • The employees who are new to the organization
  • The employees who have moved to the new position 
  • All the employees if there is a change in the organization

Instances that could be addressed by LOE include:

  • Absenteeism
  • Conduct/Behavior
  • Confidentiality
  • Hours of work
  • Leave
  • Dress code
  • Work assignments

Letter of Expectation

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Letter of Expectation Format

Letter of Expectation Format

Letter of Expectation Example

Letter of Expectation Example


Putting an employee’s problems and/or expectations in writing is a highly valuable technique for dealing with job performance and behavior issues. For most employees, receiving something in writing is a serious matter; some may require additional time to process the information, while others may become enraged or defensive. As a result, it’s critical to write the LOE in the first person and in a positive, encouraging tone. At the time the LOE is provided, always offer to meet with the employee to discuss the LOE and any supporting measures.

If you want to write a letter of expectation that doesn’t frighten your employee rather than offering positive measures to correct it, UBS HRMS Software India is there to help you. We provide our clients with an HR Toolkit that has an effective LOE format and other HR letter formats that will help you generate effective HR documents.

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