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Offer Letter

What is meaning of Offer Letter?

An offer letter or a job offer letter meaning– is a formal document that indicates an agreement between employer and employee. It is regarding the job role, offered salary, work schedule and the time the employee will serve in the company. It is presented by the company to the candidate after he/she completes the interview successfully. An offer letter lays out all the information regarding future employment for the individual after he/she is hired in the company. Job offer letters are usually signed by the person accepting the job position and then returned as a matter of formal receipt to the employer for a record. 

Offer Letters format may include various types of information including appointment. They include the title and description of the position. Moreover, you will see details concerning employment conditions or stipulations here. Potential hires may respond with an acceptance or a document outlining negotiated terms whereas the ones who want to look out for another job, could reply with a rejection letter.

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