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8 Important HR Documents Need to Manage- Brief

October 26, 2022
8 Important HR Documents Need to Manage Brief

As everything should be stored in some place and document is the one that can help you to structure your company’s activity. So, when the candidate joins the company HR has to do all the documentation.  Also, these documents have to be maintained with the utmost care because they act as “proof” of events whether employees join the office or leave it. An appointment letter, job description letter, and employee handbooks are going to be handy in the future or in unforeseen circumstances. 

Let’s face it, the documentation process isn’t the most amazing but it is a very vital part of every business. An important HR document makes sure that your business administration is smooth and the Internal Control System is strong. So keep it safe and handy as well for future processes.

Manage all documents in one place

Why Documents Are Necessary For HR?

HR has the responsibility to maintain everything regarding employee management. So as a part of HR operation documentation is critical for many reasons. Documentation legitimizes employee work activities, from enrollment, resignation, or termination.

Maintaining appropriate documents helps to reach HR goals, it helps to plan ahead for everything. Important HR documents aren’t only vital for the HR Department but also for the company.

Reasons Why Formal Or Informal Documents Are Important For Any HR: 

  •       The document is written proof of any agreement or discussion between employee and owner.
  •       Documents help for legal proceedings by HR when justifying disciplinary action.
  •       Documents are useful for salary increments, and promotions as a reference for actions taken.
  •       HR documents are evidence of compliance with the organization of employment guidelines.
  •       Documents are a reminder to all parties about restrictions and expectations.
  •       Documents are proof of productivity to guidelines set by the company.

An Ultimate Guide Of SOPs For HR Department

HR Toolkit Of Documentation

 The following are the most important documents that every HR needs to maintain.

  • Employee Handbook

It is a guideline document given to the employee as per his or her position. The employee handbook has guidelines about policies and procedures within the organization that everybody needs to follow. This document contains information about when to come, time to report, back to work, the way to apply for leave, to go early, etc.

This is one of the popular HR documents for new employees to know about anything related to company rules or policies. It is included in the startup HR toolkit.

  • Statutory Compliance Documents

Regulatory compliance documents are concerned with benefits, taxes, insurance, payroll records, and deductions.  Statutory compliance is most important in India, and it may demand that organizations keep records of employee data. This structure needs the standard HR documentation process. 

  • Warning Letters

Whenever any employees do any mistakes regarding poor performance, late coming, harassment of employees, misuse of company property, or fraud they need to be notified.

This document has to be drafted by HR, but in the end, the human resource department has got to keep records of this in the employee file.  For instance in an unfortunate event, then a warning letter will be issued.

  • Document Of Orientation

When a new candidate joins the company, these documents are issued as a free HR toolkit for the employee. The orientation document comprises several small documents intended to form a new employee comfortable and get used to the work environment. It’s important that content is not missed out and that is why many organizations will have a checklist for these documents.

This can help employees with the employee introduction to the new employee, organization policy, a suggestion letter, and also as access information to help the new employee find their way around the building. 

  • Compensation Records

It is related to payslips or paychecks. However this is different, it is issued when you join the company. This document contains more than just salary information; it has bonuses, information about increments, and so on. It would probably be thought that compensation documents should be with the accounts. Although they’ll have a copy, this data is accessed from the HR records.

HR Automation Tools: 9 Reasons Your Business Needs Them

  • Employee Schedules

Sometimes HR or sometimes the head of department design the schedule of the employee. And it should be followed by the employee. These records need to take into consideration employees who may be on leave or who have annual leave coming up soon. The documents have to be up to date with such information so that leave management can be managed easily. 

  • Exit Documents

A termination letter and a resignation letter are included in the exit documents. It is created when moving to a replacement job, retirement, or termination of employment.  These documents are might be a recommendation letter, certificate of appreciation, terminal benefits information, or a letter of termination as well.

Required Tools For Your HR Department

To automate all the HR tasks, this department needs some tools as well. The above documents are simply the foremost important, but there are more than they deal with and for that, they are dependent on these tools.

  • Recruitment Tools

Recruitment tools are used when you need the right candidate for the position. HR uses recruitment tools to post vacancy ads, filter applications, check applications, schedule interviews, etc.

  • Document Automation Tools

When we are talking about HR documents, then automation of the document makes the process faster. When HR wants to write something regarding any of the documents, these tools will quickly capture necessary information, store it in the right place, and update it where necessary. And at last, a specific document needs to be created.

  • Listening Tools

Listening tools are intended to enhance the engagement of employees. They provide employees with feedback. Often, the feedback is often provided anonymously with these tools. It also can help when determining what would be the best training for individuals or groups.

11 Key Processes Involved in HR Automation

  • Performance Appraisal

To manage the performance of any employee it needs to check everything. This tool can help to check everything regarding employee work and help to manage the doc of the same. HR personnel can use appraisal tools that provide the needed information to stay track of the performance of every employee as well as adjust goals to suit particular situations. 

  • Payroll Management Tools

This is one of the HRMS modules, it can help to process the right payroll on time. Just like UBS, it handles the payrolls. These tools are automated to gather payment information which includes the number of hours worked, basic salary and deductions to be made like taxes and benefits among others.

  • Document Safety Software

We have discussed the documents that HR needs, however they should be safe. The information must be kept private. HR is charged with keeping such information safe. All the documents are online or digital, so use technology to secure them. Cloud storage, password protection, and biometric access are a number of options for document safety software.

In Short,

Every document is important in the company, thus HR document. The list above consists of the foremost commonly used procedures, policies, and documents. However, you can generate with automation by using HRMS software like UBS.  Because, with these HR documents at the company, you’re well on your thanks to running more efficient HR operations. A good HRMS platform can keep track of all docs on your behalf of you. Check it!

As an HR Do you want to save your time


What Documents Do You Need As An HR?

- Employee Handbook - Warning Letters - Statutory Compliance Documents - Compensation Records - Orientation Documents - Employee Schedules - Exit Documents

What Is HR Process Documentation?

As proof of any process, discussion or event, storing any document as an HR responsibility is known as HR Process Documentation.

What Documents Are Used In HR Department?

Employee agreements, workforce data reports, payroll information, and personnel file are used in the HR department.

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