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Work From Home

What is Work From Home?

WFH means an employee is working remotely from their residence instead of working from the office. Most organizations have a WFH policy or remote work policy that allows the employees to work from their residences either full-time or when it’s most convenient. 

Remote work can be done using the company’s assets, tools, and policies. WFH gives flexible working hours to the employees and also the job of the employer is done with ease. This work-from-home policy helps the employees improve their work-life balance and also gets the employer’s job done on time.

Benefits of Work From Home

  • By working from home, employees feel motivated and energized as they get a good work-life balance which ultimately improves their productivity.
  • There are a lot of savings with respect to office infrastructure costs like electricity bills, other office maintenance costs, etc.
  • More people with location constraints or disabled people can apply for the available jobs.

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