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Total Quality Management

What is Total Quality Management?

Total Quality Management is the approach that seeks to provide long-term success by providing unmatched customer satisfaction through continuously delivering quality IT services. To properly apply TQM in the organization, everyone needs to work as a single unit to achieve excellence.

Key Pillars of Total Quality Management

  • Customer-first

Customers are a valuable metric of a business. From the initial contact to the purchase, customers should always be the main priority.

  • Employee Ownership

TQM requires the complete involvement of the employee to ensure delivering quality services at every level. Not only one department, but TQM also focuses on every department to ensure quality.

  • Process-based

TQM involves the creation and implementation of strategies/processes that provides organizations the ability to achieve success and repeat it.

  • Integrated Structure

TQM requires the collaboration of different departments within a company to learn from one another and improvise.

  • Communication

Gathering feedback and making improvements is difficult without clear communication between staff, the company, and its customers.

  • Data-driven

Guess work doesn’t apply to TQM. Rather the data is used for the organization’s improvement and changes are made based on quantifiable facts.

  • Constant Improvements

Total Quality Management is not a one-go process. Perfection is not possible, therefore, constant improvements must be made to pursue something close to perfection.

Major Steps to TQM Implementation

  • Commitment and Understanding from Employees
  • Quality Improvement Culture
  • Continuous improvement in the process
  • Focus on customer requirements
  • Effective control

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