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Negligent Hiring

What is Negligent Hiring?

Negligent Hiring is the claim made against an employer made by an individual who is injured or harmed by an employee with a history reflecting similar incidents. Negligent Hiring claims that the employer knew or must have known about their behaviors before hiring.

Basically, if you as an employer are not able to thoroughly verify an employee’s background, you are responsible for their actions. Conducting thorough pre-employment background checks is one strategy used by employers to avoid being liable for negligent hiring claims.

Things you need to do to prevent negligent hiring

  • Conduct in-depth interviews
  • Check personal and professional references
  • Verify educational history
  • Verify employment history and check with the former managers
  • Validate university degrees and certificates
  • Perform drug screening
  • Conduct practicals in some of the relevant jobs
  • Conduct credit checks for positions involving money handling
  • Verify driving records and history in selective cases
  • Study biodata in detail, verify and investigate all the mentioned claims and details like employment records.

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