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What is a Micromanagement?

Micromanagement is defined as a negative term that refers to a management style.

Here the management techniques are characterized by extremely close supervision and control of the minor details of an individual’s workload and output. Such individuals who follow micromanaging generally avoid delegating decision-making power to the team members. These individuals who follow micromanagement are overly obsessed with information-gathering by forcing employees to produce regular, detailed reports that are often superfluous.

As we discussed earlier, A micromanager is an individual who closely observes the work of their team members. They often have good intentions to improve the performance of everyone on the team. However, their behavioral tendencies can impact their team’s ability to develop their own and deliver the work they are expected to. It diminishes the strong leadership behaviors. Extreme cases of micromanagement can turn out to be pathological activity and might refer to serious workplace bullying.

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