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Behavioral Competency

What is a Behavioral Competency?

Behavioral competency is a behavioral attribute and personality trait a person might have. It will include things such as knowledge and skill set. All of this can help you determine how successful he/she will be at the job they are applying for.

It can help define employees’ behavioral strengths for future success in the workplace. Employers often look for specific competencies and talent for certain roles that meet their job requirements as well.

How to measure behavioral competency?

Measuring behavioral competency is not an easy job, but it is definitely an important step in the hiring process. It is the skill set that a potential employee of the company should have in order to perform successfully

There are three types of work-related behavior on the basis of which the competency is decided.

  • People-based behavior: Where the employee shows respect for others, has interpersonal skills, understands others’ viewpoints, accepts/provides constructive criticism from the superiors.
  • Success-based behaviors: Here you can include the employee’s behavior that helps them in making positive decisions, taking responsibility for actions, communicating with colleagues, and organizing time effectively.
  • Managerial-based behaviors:  Here the employer encourages staff to achieve their best, motivates rather than drains them, and tries to achieve a diverse workforce.

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