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What is a Mentoring?

Unlike a management relationship, mentoring a relationship or an individual tends to be voluntary on both sides. Although it is considered that mentoring is for a line manager who could be a mentor to the people that they manage. Unlike a coaching relationship, mentoring relationships are more usually unpaid and are done mostly out of the work hierarchy. The idea behind mentoring relationships is a semi-charitable one, where the more successful, senior partner, the mentor, wishes to pass on some of the knowledge that they’ve learned to someone else who will benefit from their experience and learning.

Some organizations run formal mentoring programs. These programs are focused on upholding mentors with learners. However, less formal mentoring relationships can also work well, where both the parties aggression the process of learning something new. Mentoring relationships, especially formal ones are organized through a mentoring program. Thus, they have a defined time limit or a defined goal. 

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