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Collection Account Number (TAN)

What is the Collection Account Number?

TAN- Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) is a 10-digit alpha-numeric code, assigned by the Tax Department. This number is provided to all the entities that are responsible for deducting or collecting taxes at the source. TAN includes individuals and businesses subject to tax and value-added tax (VAT).

The employer quotes its TAN during TDS returns and challans.

Formation of TAN:

The first 4 digits are alphabets, the subsequent 5 digits are numeric and the last digit is an alphabet. For example: ABCD12345E. 

TAN is applied either offline or online.

  • ONLINE — TAN Online applications are made from the website of NSDL TIN website.
  • OFFLINE – An application of TAN should be filed in Form 49B in duplicate and submitted to any Tax Information Network Facilitation Centre. 

Documents Required To Use For TAN:

TAN to be reported altogether TDS/TCS tax returns, certificates, and payment challans. 

No other documents are needed to be filed for the application of TAN. However, the taxpayer should quote the TAN allotted to them in future correspondence with the Tax Department.

Also, See: TDS Certificate

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