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Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

What is Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)?

The chief human resources officer, often abbreviated as CHRO, is a high-level administration manager.

CHROs are also addressed as vice president of HR, chief people officer, etc., in many companies.

CHROs have the burden of managing employees efficiently.

In addition, CHROs also have the duty to manage the HCM as well as HR technologies in the company.

One of the most crucial duties of a CHRO is to plan and complete the talent strategy that usually includes hiring, supporting, and retaining talents.

Of late, the fast turn of events and adoption of HRMS software have heightened competition for employee talent and expanded compliance prerequisites.

As a result, the significance of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) in organizations has increased to a greater extent today.

A good CHRO would know how to oversee the workforce, budget and, most importantly, have a good knowledge of business analysis.

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