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Hybrid Workforce

What is Hybrid Workforce?

A hybrid workforce is a type of mixed workforce having employees working remotely and from the office or any central location. A hybrid workforce is the way employees can work from the place they want to, either in a central location such as a warehouse, factory, or retail location, or any remote location such as a home.

However, a hybrid workforce is not just about working from home or working from the office, it also focuses on helping employees achieve a good work-life balance. It allows the employees to work in a setting that is the most comfortable for them. If employees feel they are comfortable working at one location versus the other, they can choose to work from that location or even a combination of two.

How to secure a hybrid workforce?

  • Update your cyber security policies 
  • Provide security training 
  • Establish a separate network 
  • Audit the official devices of remote/hybrid workers 
  • Limit employee’s access to the company’s official data
  • Perform penetration testing

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