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Hybrid Methodology

What is Hybrid Methodology?

The term “hybrid approach” or “hybrid methodology” seems like a new idea in the field of project management. It might not just be an opaque one. You need to keep your mind open while understanding it. It is a combination of two different methodologies or systems that aims to create a new and better model for the future.

Hybrid methodologies allow you to have a more detailed and nuanced approach to project planning. Most disciplines can apply the Hybrid management concept to the team, even with little learning and without serious disruption in the way. 

There are three main factors of hybrid methodology.

  • Complexity and uncertainty include the percentage of projects with high complexity rise and this is a vivid project management trend here.
  • Competitiveness in today’s markets requires anticipating issues and influences to ensure you have a strategy and proactive plan to stay ahead of the game.
  • High customer expectation has to be dealt with ease, speed, and personalization as most customers really expect.

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