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What is a Discrimination?

“Workplace discrimination” is defined as “practices that disadvantage or subordinate particular individuals in the labor market or at work.” This is because of their color, race, gender, religion, political opinion, social origin, national extraction, or any other attribute that has no bearing on the job to be performed.

Direct and indirect discrimination are both possible.

Direct discrimination – This occurs when one or more grounds are used to make an express distinction, preference, or exclusion. An employment advertisement that stated “men only” would be considered direct discrimination.

Indirect discrimination – It is defined as conditions, policies, or practices that appear to be neutral yet have a negative impact on members of a specific group. Because of its more covert nature, the latter sort of prejudice is the most difficult to combat.

Equality of opportunity and treatment allows everyone to develop their abilities and skills in accordance with their goals and preferences, as well as having equal access to jobs and working circumstances.

The mere elimination of discriminatory practices is insufficient to ensure complete freedom from discrimination in jobs and vocations. It is crucial to enforce equal opportunities and treatment at all stages of the employment relationship, including recruitment, employee retention, promotion, and termination processes, remuneration, and access to vocational training and skills development, it is also vital to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment in the workplace.

Also, See: Disciplinary Procedure

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