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Career Development

What is a Career Development?

Career development is the process of managing life, learning, and work over the lifespan of an employee. And this might not be restricted to one single company only. Career Development is a vital element of the Employee lifecycle of an individual. It assists people to navigate their way through education and training, thereby leading them into employment and fulfilling their working lives. Career development and guidance programs are a boon to the employees. They help people to:

  • Explore their career potential through self-awareness and analysis of their talents.
  • Research a wide range of career options available and the opportunities they can take.
  • Understand how does your employee make decisions and how these decisions impact their future aspirations.
  • Develop career management skills and training sessions so that they are well prepared to face the challenges of a changing world.

Ideally, organizations can take up a lot of steps to foster career development. You can start with encouraging more-immediate feedback from the employees. Start to develop clear performance criteria where developmental feedback is given with clarity intact. An employer should provide resources and incentives for managers to make employee development a priority.

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