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Disciplinary Action

What is a Disciplinary Action?

Disciplinary action is a punitive step taken in light of an employee’s wrongdoing, rule infringement, or decreased productivity.

Based upon the seriousness of the matters, disciplinary actions usually differ.

All that said, take a look at some of the common disciplinary actions one should know about: 

  • Verbal Warning 
  • Written Warning 
  • PIP or performance improvement plan 
  • Declining salary or rank 
  • Suspension 

To acquire the utmost benefits from the aforementioned actions, employers/HR managers should primarily ensure that the employee clearly understands the expectations.

The employee will improve only when he or she knows where they are lacking, what can they do to rectify their mistakes or improve their efficiency, and give the desired results to the employer.

Be it small or large, every company should set up a disciplinary policy since it removes a great deal of tension from employees, thereby assisting employers in building a competitive and efficient workforce along the way.

Also, See: Disciplinary Procedure

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