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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system also known as the ATS helps companies organize and keep track of candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes.  These systems allow small businesses to enterprises to collect information, KSA, organize prospective candidates based on experience and skill set, and filters them if and when they meet the job description.

An ATS when used by recruiters simplifies the recruiting process. By using automated intelligence you can have a screen test for the best, most qualified candidates. Open positions jobs can attract hundreds or even thousands of candidates without the necessary qualifications. This saves companies and recruiters the time that they would have to spend on manual screening processes. You can integrate this to other software like HRMS, Payroll,  etc.

While organizations of any size can use the top HR software integrated with Applicant Tracking System, they are particularly more useful for companies that are regularly recruiting people for multiple job roles and integrated with HRMS. Also, ATS is useful for organizations that are hiring multiple candidates for a single job role.

An ATS can be integrated with HRMS software to provide an end-to-end recruitment and HR management solution. Using  ATS and  HR management software together can save companies and recruiters a significant amount of time by automating the initial screening process, interview scheduling, and background checks.  This HRMS-integrated solution can provide end-to-end recruitment and HR management, from job posting to onboarding, and provide valuable insights and analytics to help companies refine their recruitment strategies.

Recruiting new talent for your company may be a challenging task, and you want to make sure you make the best pick possible. Using an online applicant tracking system can assist streamline the hiring process and save a lot of stress for recruiters and hiring managers. Applicant tracking tools can revolutionize the way your company handles recruitment and help you in your quest for the ideal new hires.

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