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Reverse Mentoring

What is Reverse Mentoring?

Reverse Mentoring is when a more junior employee mentors a senior. The idea behind this is that the junior employees can share their expertise and knowledge (especially technology and digital media topics) with their senior colleagues who may be less familiar with these trending areas. For example, a younger employee may be more familiar with the social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Hence, reverse mentoring helps create balance in the current areas where technology has become a daily need.

When done correctly, reverse mentoring can be significantly effective in filling gaps between generations and developing talents.

Reasons why your company needs Reverse Mentoring

  • Gives a fresh perspective to the company
  • Empower emerging leaders
  • Teach new employees important business survival skills
  • Break down generational stereotypes
  • Sharpen the skills and keep them sharp

Examples of Reverse Mentoring Relationships

  • A finance VP receiving mentorship from the junior analyst on recent fin-tech trends.
  • A Gen Z employee mentoring a Gen X colleague on the latest trends in technology.
  • a seasoned sales professional receiving social media coaching from a new college graduate on how to use it for business development.
  • A millennial may instruct a baby boomer on how to utilize Snapchat as a marketing tool.

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