Leave Management System - Factors to Look at While Choosing One
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Leave Management System – Factors to Look at While Choosing One

September 15, 2022
Leave Management
Leave Management System Factors to Look at While Choosing One.

Taking leaves is good for employees, it prevents burnout and increases job satisfaction. However, with so many employees applying for leaves, leave management can be a headache for the HR department.

Poor leave management may therefore lead to understaffed shifts and expensive legal problems.

Are you able to manage your employee’s leave efficiently? Or leave management is a major concern of your HR teams too?

If yes, this blog is for you.

To ensure that the employees get time to recharge and HR managers do not lose control over managing leaves, many organizations use a leave management system.

Leave Management System

What is a Leave Management System?

A leave management system is a platform that manages all the employee’s leaves and vacation-related data in a single unified software. It streamlines the entire leave management process and saves a lot of time for both the employees and the employers.

It is a cloud-based software which means that the employees can apply for leaves, check leave status and leave balance, leave type and check any other leave-related information from any device at any time.

An efficient leave management system avoids additional communication, saves time and effort, promotes paperless work, ensures legal compliance, and much more. However, to streamline your organization’s leave management process, you need to choose software wisely.

Don’t know How?

Explore further to know more!!

Key Characteristics of Leave Management System

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Effective Leave Management System

There are several factors that you must consider while selecting an online leave management software for your organization. The embedded compliance features and real-time eligibility are some of the factors that a leave management system must have. Below are some of the factors to consider in your LMS.

1. Powerful Automation

A good leave management system must be automated as automation is the key to an efficient and productive workforce. Here automated LMS is all about:

Factors to choose a leave management system

  • Leave management

A leave management system with a feature that automatically allocates annual leaves including carry over, updates the leave balance and shows upcoming holidays.

  • Absence reports

Absence reports allow managers to view real-time insights for absenteeism. With these reports, the senior managers will be able to better understand where their employees stand when it comes to taking leaves.

  • Custom approval

With every leave applied by the employee, the leave must be routed to the respective manager and the notification emails of rejection/approval should be auto-generated.

  • Custom leave types

An efficient leave management system must allow the HR managers or other senior managers to create customized leave types according to the company policy. For example, early-out, half-day leave, etc.

  • Employee Self-Service

Leave Applications by the employees and leave approval/denial by the managers should not be a difficult task. LMS should provide a one-click facility for the employees and employers to apply for leave or approve/reject leave respectively.

  • Email notifications

Leave Management Software should send automatic leaves to the managers notifying them about the leave requests similarly employees should be sent automatic emails informing them about the approval/declination of leave.

  • Multiple permission and access levels

Access to certain rights and information should only be given to the senior managers. For instance, some information should be kept hidden from the employees but the senior managers can access it.

9 Benefits of Web Based Employee Leave Management System

2. Cloud-Based Web Application

A cloud-based web application is a necessity as it allows you and your employees to access it from anywhere. Your employees can check the leave balance and apply for leaves and you or your HR managers can approve or reject the leave requests from anywhere and on any device conveniently. With Cloud-based applications, there is no need for software installation and updates.

3. Configurable Fields (Leave Type, Policy, Holiday List)

An online leave management system that functions with a “one size fits all” policy is not good work. As we know, every business has different requirements, and with time the policies are changing too. A good LMS is one that is customizable and flexible. The fields can be customized as per the company’s policies.

4. All-in-one Dashboard

Check for an all-in-one dashboard feature while choosing a leave management system. An easy-to-access all-in-one dashboard allows employees to apply for leaves, check their leave balance, and check leave status. Also, an efficient LMS should have the feature to set access levels for the employees and management. In short, the entire leave management flow should run smoothly with zero hassle.

5. Minimize Payroll Errors

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to keep an eye on every leave taken by multiple employees and later calculate the accurate payouts to generate payroll on time. But an efficient leave management system helps the HR managers to calculate leaves and increases their efficiency to run on-time and correct payroll.

Payroll Errors

6. Easy Report Generation

An efficient leave management software should comprise various unique features that make report generation easy. Also, LMS must generate reports in various formats and areas that allow businesses to have powerful insights on making important decisions.

Ultimate Guide to Leave Management System

A Leave Management System is What You Need.

Selecting good leave management must not be a difficult task. Take into consideration the features of efficient software and compare them with your list of requirements. By doing this, you will be able to select a leave management software that closely aligns with your business policies.

Make sure to choose the software that includes an employee portal, automation, and most importantly a free demo and trial services. UBS offers you the same. Get in touch.

How do I choose a good leave management system?

Calculating employees’ annual leaves, recording absence, leave management, etc is a tedious task. An automated leave management system with an all-in-one dashboard and powerful automation can help you resolve all these issues. Read the above blog to know the factors to consider while choosing leave management software.

What are the features of leave management system?

Automated email notifications, report generation, custom approval, and an employee self-service portal are some of the features of leave management systems. Explore the above blog to know more.

Why do we need leave management system?

Calculating employees’ annual leaves, updating leave balance, custom approvals, recording absence, leave management, etc is a tedious task. Therefore, to automate all these leave management activities and to focus on other important business activities, a leave management system is a necessity.

What is a leave management system?

A leave management system is a platform that organizes all of the information about employees' leaves and vacations into a single, cohesive piece of software. Both the employees and the employer save a ton of time because the entire leave management procedure is streamlined.

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