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Online Leave Management System – Improving the Employee Experience

December 9, 2022
Leave Management
Online Leave Management System

When you run a business, no matter how enticing your work culture is, no matter how much your employees enjoy working for you, sooner or later, they will need a vacation. And you cannot deny their leaves.

It is important for both the company and the employees that every individual takes time off to clear their heads and spend quality time with their friends and family.

Some employees might take sick leave, some might ask for casual leave, and so on. With so many employees and so many leave types, how do you keep track of leaves at your organization?

In such cases, an online leave management system helps. A manual process is frequently to blame for higher salary costs and less-than-ideal employee output. Companies must opt for online leave management, which offers many advantages and enhances the employee experience, rather than a manual employee leave management system.

Unplanned Employee Leaves Or Undocumented Leaves

What is a Leave Management System?

online leave management system is a cloud-based application to manage employee leaves that automates every step of an employee leaves management process without compromising on functions.

It is a unified software that handles all the employee leaves and holiday activities. It simplifies the process and saves a significant amount of time for both the employees and the employers.

Employees can apply for leave, check their leave status, check their leave balance, check the sort of leave they are applying for, and access other important information using this cloud-based platform from any device and location. Now that smartphone apps are widely available, several online leave management systems can make the process simpler. The benefits of managing leaves of absence are numerous. Let’s examine a few of them:

  • Eliminates additional communication
  • Saves time and efforts
  • Paperless process
  • Real-time visibility of the process
  • Ensures legal compliances
  • Documentation
  • Secured Option

Why is Leave Management Important?

Leave Management

Even though some employers like to keep employees on the job constantly, they need time off so that they can relax and recover. An overworked employee is one who is not productive. Online leave management is the practice of handling employee time-off requests in a moral, precise, and efficient manner.

Requests for employee leaves of absence must be handled by supervisors, recruiters, and workforce management personnel.

Leave Management System – Features that Help Your Business Grow

Challenges in Traditional Leave Management System

The level of employee engagement and happiness is a key indicator of an organization’s success. One of the many factors that raise employee engagement is the simple process of submitting a leave request and receiving prompt approval. It has been noted that delays in accepting the application, followed by its approval, and occasionally denials without justification are unavoidable in the traditional leave management systems.

1: Line Managers Struggle to Manage Leaves and Permissions On Time

Managers mostly face challenges when it comes to approving the leaves of team members. They are not able to recognize the patterns in which the employees abuse the leave policy, making it difficult to make well-informed decisions on the approval or rejection of employee leaves.

2: Undocumented Leave Results in Frequent Payroll Problems

Undocumented Leave Results in Frequent Payroll Problems

Paid leaves have a huge financial impact on the company. LWP(Leave Without Pay) is a type of leave that if not documented correctly may result in payroll mistakes. When calculating LWP and paid time off, HR staff members struggle to keep up with the transactional load and eliminate errors.

3: The Policies Regarding Leave and Accrued Vacation Time Are Unknown to the Employees

Employees’ leave balance is the topic that the HR department always gets a lot of questions about. It wastes time and pulls HR managers’ focus off of more crucial core duties. Waiting to access their leave and attendance records is something that employees detest. Employees are also not pleased when they are not informed of changes to the leave policy. When there is a pattern of delays and poor communication, staff members feel irritated.

What is a Leave Management System? Why is it Important for Businesses

4: Keeping Track of Leave Compliance

Keeping Track of Leave Compliance

When it comes to managing leaves of absence, many laws pertaining to paid leave, compensated leave, and restricted holidays must be adhered to. Any company’s leave policy must take into account maternity and paternity leave. The law also provides for personal and family medical leaves. Every organization is required to adhere to these laws. If you break the law, you risk paying fines, losing people’s trust, and harming your company’s reputation.

Why Should Businesses Use an Online Leave Management System?

  • Increased Precision

Manual processes are prone to mistakes, manipulation, and oversight. However, with an automated leave management system, companies can be assured of a greater level of accuracy and fewer errors without having to scan through multiple files, data sets, and documents.

Even minor changes in leaves, attendance, job duties, reimbursements, etc can be recorded and considered at the time of payroll processing.

  • Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Leaves and absences if not managed properly can play a significant role in increasing payroll costs. In large organizations with multiple employees, it can result in excessive costs. Since every leave can be tracked and accounted for, an online leave management system can help you save a significant amount of money.

  • Statutory Compliance

Failure to comply with state regulations not only causes financial loss but also risks the reputation of the company. Experts have created and customized leave management systems in line with your region’s employee welfare requirements because regulations and compliance might be challenging to comprehend and uphold. Preventing any violations of the rules lowers the likelihood that the authorities will impose fines and other sanctions.

A List Of 12 Types Of Leave Offered By Company In India

How Does an Online Leave Management System Improve the Overall Employee experience?

  • Boost employee satisfaction and engagement

Before the implementation of an automated leave management system, filling out leave application forms required a lot of time and was inconvenient. When an employee needs to take time out from their hectic schedule to write a letter to their reporting boss and then have it physically signed, that involves paperwork. Even worse, employees must participate in face-to-face negotiations, which most employees find uneasy.

An online leave management system can be useful in this situation. It allows employees to request leave with just a few mouse clicks, in contrast to conventional techniques. Everything in the system operates without paper. In other words, the employee doesn’t need to bother with paper paperwork; they can simply submit an online leave request and get it approved.

Employees can also access leave announcements and policies at any moment, as well as submit a leave application. When requesting leave is not perceived as a tough process, flexibility, and overall employee performance increase.

  • Accurate Leave Planning

Accurate Leave Planning

With the use of a leave and attendance management system, employees can learn about the impending leaves of their coworkers. There won’t be any disturbances to the work schedules and the other employees will be able to better organize their own. This helps with task management by making staff aware of any additional duties they could be responsible for while other employees are away.

One of the best business management advice for any company or organization is to maintain a content and happy team. Most workers hit a breaking point because they don’t fully utilize their office’s vacation time.

However, such problems at the office may be remedied for both managers and employees with the aid of the best attendance and leave management system, considerably enhancing employee satisfaction.

  • Increased Productivity

A leave tracking system is automatic, requires no human input, and keeps everything current. The dashboard of the system will present entire information in one location without any clutter thanks to the self-service functionality for both employers and employees, making it simpler to retrieve the records. Additionally, the system will display how much PTO has been used or is still available, saving time for both management and employees.

Ultimate Guide to Leave Management System

Online Leave Management – How UBS can Help You?

For managing employee leave and attendance, UBS HRMS Software has several benefits, lowers the possibility of human error, and saves time and money. As an online leave management solution, UBS helps to improve the environment in which employees can understand leave policies. This guarantees that employees are aware of the organization’s attempts to enhance the environment because of the openness it offers.

Are you still using the traditional Leave Management System


What is a leave management system?

As the name suggests, a leave management system that handles employee leaves and allows the organizations to track their leave usage, performance, and so on.

What is the employee leave management system?

An employee leaves management system is a comprehensive software that automates the entire leave management process of tracking leaves consumed by employees.

What is an online leave management system?

A web-based leave management system known as an online leave management system automates each step of the leave management procedure without sacrificing functionality.

What are the benefits of an online leave management system?

An online leave management system reduces human interference, improves communication, gives access to real-time information, makes auditing and tracking easy, and so on. Check out UBS HRMS Software to know more.

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