Most Common HR Issues You Have Dealt With And How To Resolve Them?
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Most Common HR Issues You Have Dealt With And How To Resolve Them?

November 23, 2022
What Are The Most Common HR Issues You Have Dealt With And How To Resolve Them

HR teams are constantly facing problems and banging their heads!

If you have ever worked in HR, you recognize that it requires you to handle too many different tasks and responsibilities. They are too tedious for them! If you have a smaller team you may handle some work manually but what if you have more than 100 employees? More stress right?

What Are HR Issues?

Every kind of business has many challenges in common when it involves HR technology. In most cases, you may find some serious kind of issues. HR issues include handling the daily struggles of managing employees; consider complaints against an employee, all the while handling tedious spreadsheets and data.

Not only papers, but HR issues can be happened with Google Spreadsheets, and using different applications for required HR tasks. Do you have several, separate systems that handle just one aspect of your HR functions? This can also create issues that you need to face. Because it’s inefficient for your HR team to stay up with multiple systems.

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Bonus Tip In Advance:

“You can solve all the HR issues by using HRMS software. But how?

  • Just define the process and streamline HR operations
  • Reduce inaccuracies with HR data
  • Make HR data accessible and complete for more strategic planning
  • Free HR personnel from administrative tasks and focus on other things to generate productivity.”

Major Issues That Every HR Faces

1. Onboarding New Employees

The major process of employee hire can be done while onboarding! HR professionals’ jobs aren’t over once a prospective hire becomes a new employee. It makes the last impression and set them up for success or failure when it comes to both employee engagement and performance.

So, what can HR managers do throughout the onboarding process to assist employees better?

Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding issues HR mostly faces:

  • No role clarity
  • Too much paperwork
  • Information access
  • Information overload
  • New change management
  • Unrealistic expectations 

You can directly go to the other process if these issues are solved easily.

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2. Shift Planning Of Employees

There are several shifts in big enterprises. Managing all employees’ shifts is daunting. It might be unethical of you to force your employees to come to work if shifts are not scheduled properly.

Shift Planning Of Employees

Shift planning issues HR mostly faces:

  • Shortage of employees in one shift
  • Shift swapping
  • Disorganization
  • Over scheduling
  • Lack of availability
  • Time off and vacation

3. Management Of The Employee Lifecycle

Think about all processes associated with employees throughout their tenure with your company. From navigating the process to separating from the company, you would like each employee’s experience to be smooth and straightforward.

Management Of The Employee Lifecycle

To start with, application and onboarding processes are paper-based, cumbersome, and slow, you actually won’t make a good impression. Managing employee development is one of the big HR challenges that, if overcome, can help combat other areas of contention that weigh down HR teams.

Employee lifecycle management issues:

  • Opportunity mapping challenges
  • Review process issues
  • Lack of development and training opportunities
  • No constructive feedbacks

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4. Queries Of Employee

When you are managing everything it may become hard to handle the query of employees. If you’re an HR, you’ve definitely experienced it.

Queries Of Employee

A quick fix to all data-related employee queries is to have the information present in one place.

Employee queries you may get:

  • How many leaves do I have left?
  • When will I get my salary?
  • Do you provide salary slips?
  • Which documents should I submit?

If you don’t design proper policy, it may happen! Also, if you have HR management software then you don’t have to worry at all! It can be handled easily!

5. Payroll Management

Payroll isn’t only processing monthly salaries. There are plenty of operations that can be done before and after payroll. HR has got to calculate the amount, distribute, and manage compliance and tax as well. Not just these, there’s also PT, bonuses, provident funds, loan advances, and other computations.

Payroll Management

Staying informed and updated on regulatory changes, especially across multiple locations, even for a fanatical HR specialist.

Payroll management issues:

  • Late payroll
  • The wrong salary credited
  • Compliance & legislation issues
  • Threat to data security
  • Time-consuming configurations
  • Multiple payroll input sources
  • Hard for record-keeping
  • Misclassification

However, a strong HRMS can help to do these things and can help your company avoid these issues.

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6. Appraisals For Employees

When an employee works better they deserve a reward! As an HR, you’ve got several employees to keep track of their bonuses, promotions, and appraisals. But the workers will only focus on one. You need to perpetually cross-check for quarterly/half-yearly/annual appraisals.

Appraisals For Employees

Appraisals management issues:

  • Partiality issues
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Similarity error
  • Distribution error

This problem can be solved by a performance management system. With this feature, you’ll create review cycles as per the policies. Once an employee is onboard, you’ll simply assign tasks once and forget about it. The system will automatically notify you when the appraisal is due and you can avoid these issues.

7. Data Storage Or Transfer

Sometimes it may happen that personal data is exposed when data is left in public. If everything is measured and managed by paper or online sheets then there is no chance of cyber security.

Data Storage Or Transfer

With this issue, you’ll be tempted to agree that divvying up data among various HR systems might be a smart move. Comprehensive HR management systems could also be held to industry standards and required by cybersecurity and privacy laws to maintain certain levels of security to help protect sensitive information.

Data management issues:

  • Personal data leakage
  • Wrong data input
  • Internal redundancy
  • Access issues

A cloud-based HR management system can store all of your data safely in the cloud to lessen the risk of theft or destruction.

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8. Compliance And Regulations

One of the biggest HR challenges is none other than upholding compliance best practices. It is often a difficult space to ignore compliance. This is a legal matter and it should be done on time.

Compliance And Regulations

Compliance issues:

  • Missed deadline
  • Has to pay fine
  • Legal problems
  • Internal conflict

In this case, use your learning and their guidance to make company handbooks that every employee receives and can understand. Ensure employees understand what the regulations are and encourage open conversations to know more.

How To Solve These HR Issues?

 With HRMS software, you’ll have automated operations. You have an inventory of employees on leave, company holiday lists, and far more – all in one platform! Today’s robust HR management systems let your company track a candidate throughout the life cycle of their onboarding and employment. These systems can facilitate your  HR process and avoid these problems. 

  • It eliminates the effort of keeping up with paper forms
  • It gives access to the tools and knowledge to process payroll and stay compliant
  • It enhances efficiency by speedy day-to-day HR activities
  • It grants employees more autonomy to manage their own information

Winding Up,

An extremely easy solution to these HR problems is automating payroll completely by using UBS. Fortunately, there’s a transparent solution, in the long run, that is more cost-effective and beneficial to all businesses. Just get the comprehensive, cloud-based HR management software from us.

To learn more about more challenges and progress in HR technology and selecting a software system, read our other blogs.

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