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Training Feedback Form Details to Know

November 22, 2022
HR Toolkit
Training Feedback Form

Use the training feedback form to improve your training process and help the team learn how successful their training sessions are. Coming up with the benefits, why this form is important in the training and development cycle?

For better training and better experience, you’ll evaluate trainers and course content, gather insights about attendees, and find new ideas for further training programs. There are several types of training feedback forms, in one of the types Uses rating scales to assess satisfaction, and alter questions to your liking. Share the Training feedback form PDF with the training and development staff, observe trends, and change the process if the training is not much satisfactory.

What Is A Feedback Form?

Feedback is an important thing for evaluation. And feedback forms or surveys are an easy way to gather information from employees to know what actually missing is.

Feedback forms are basically a list of questions intended to pull out the most important data that can help you improve any kind of service Feedback forms have the capacity for collecting raw information from people and creating valuable insights about how people feel about service or training etc.

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What Is Training Feedback Form?

There are various types of feedback forms such as product feedback forms, service feedback forms, course feedback forms, training feedback forms, etc. Whatever they are, it’s very important that you can gather some reactionary level feedback from your delegates. If it is a training feedback form, feedback is counted after employees or other people from outside have attended a training event.

These forms are not used to measure the ROI but, the questions are normally focused round about the course, the relevancy of the content, and the effect of that. With the use of an honest Training feedback form word, you’ll have the opportunity to rate certain criteria and text boxes for written feedback.

By considering the Training feedback form example, you can take what you wish from it and add whatever is most relevant.

So, If you’ve ever created a training course, you’ll know that the post-training feedback is a crucial final step. Feedback from learners helps to spot which activities they enjoyed the most, and that’s why this form is important! Check how to get that and how to use it.

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The Importance Of Getting Training Feedback

Receiving feedback from employees about your company training is valuable for several reasons:

  • It can alert you to areas in training that were confusing.
  • It can help you to improvise the poorly explained points.
  • It can help to make changes in required updating areas in training with better content.

It can provide your future users enrolled in training with a good experience.

Another benefit of providing a training feedback form is that you simply can evaluate your training to see if it’s achieving its goals. For those who aren’t passing, is it your fault for creating the assessments too hard? Or, is it the employee’s fault for not preparing for a test? Training feedback can help your company improve a course, no matter the sector training is designed for.

You can get a conclusion from the filtering feedback form of training. If an outsized number of people are saying the same thing in the feedback form, this is often a clear indication that it’s your training, not everyone’s problem. We recommend using mostly multiple-choice questions, and some short-answer questions so everyone can answer that easy to know more. 

You’ll ask agents after taking a course or attending an in-person training if they feel more confident.

Ways To Ask For Training Feedback

The best way to get training feedback is to ask for it in a survey directly or provide the training feedback form PDF inside of your platform after users complete a course. This is important that you can feedback immediately after training is complete. Individuals who are sent a training feedback form after they finish a course are more likely to participate than if they were given the survey immediately after completing training. Additionally, to ask for feedback immediately after training is done, you would like to make providing feedback convenient next employees.

Admin can review the individual answers inside of the platform or offline. Two ways to ask them for feedback:

  • Online – Survey or online feedback form to every relevant person.
  • Offline – Give to every employee this form physically.

Collecting training feedback forms manually is becoming old. People prefer most the online feedback form. And you can download the training feedback form sample from here.

Though this takes time and energy to print and distribute then you have to collate the results too!

A lot of organizations are moving their feedback forms online. Rather than asking your employees to complete them at the end of the training day, when all they want to do is go home instead, they will receive a link. And can complete the form after they have time to let it done.

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Questions To Add To Training Feedback Form

To get the relevant training feedback, ask your trainees to make a list of questions that can help you in understanding what is missing and what you need to add.  Consider the format, questions may be different, and you’ve got to option to give customers a physical form.

Here are some examples of the types of questions you can include in the training feedback form template:

  • On a scale of 1- 10, rate the training. Did you like it or not?
  •  Was the training too long or short? Was there a selected part that could be adjusted?
  • Did any of the training sections confuse you? Why?
  • Would you like to delete any parts of this training? Why?
  • Would you like to add any sections to the present course? Why?
  • Were there any sections during this training that could be improved?
  • What section did you are feeling was the most helpful?
  • Would you recommend the training to others? If you’ll go back in time, would you favor doing this training in person or online?
  • Do you have any complaints about training?

How To Get An Effective Training Feedback Form?

Whatever the training you are providing, some basic questions are there to add to this form. As you know, feedback forms are important to incorporate at the end of your training courses to see what employees did and didn’t enjoy.

So, whenever you conduct training, just getting feedback from users enrolled in your training programs – whether it’s from employees or outsiders – gives you insights into the way to improve your training. But how you can get or make it?

Don’t worry though, because we’re here to show how to get an effective training feedback form, starting with what inquiries to ask! Now that you’re able to ask for training feedback.

You can download the training feedback form template from UBS HR Toolkit.

Training Feedback Form

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

With this type of template, you can create beautiful training feedback forms in just a few minutes. Companies who are looking to collect quantitative and qualitative feedback on their work can use it effectively.

On a final note,

Feedback is the most important factor, and from that, you can improvise your service or training to employees. The template from UBS features a corporation that is looking to collect feedback on the training. Replace the title and other questions if you want. If you would like to collect quantitative feedback, you would possibly use the scale field. Otherwise, consider multiple-choice questions for the same.

UBS has several important letters and forms library, from there you can easily download them and use them for your services. Click the button on the HR toolkit and download all.

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