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What Is Background Verification Form? Which Details Should Be Added?

November 14, 2022
HR Toolkit
Background Verification Form

I am talking about the topic, that can change your HR life in a company.

This is very common nowadays, fraud!

Background Verification Form

Providing fraudulent information is known action which is deemed illegal and is subjected to a penalty. Companies that cater to various people every single day need to secure that the people they are connected with are honest about their identities. So here is that form that can help office HRs to understand the background of candidates before hiring them.

Background Verification Form

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

What Is Background Verification Form?

Background Verification is the form that helps organizations to crosscheck candidates’ data and documents. Before granting this process, the members-candidates should submit a signed background check authorization to suggest their approval with regard to the investigation. With this, documents and processes are going to be required to be created and done by the organizations such as doing a background check for their applicants and staff members.

In this form, the employee or the candidate is asked to provide specific information under company rules such as educational certificates, previous experience organization name, experience letter, salary proof, etc. Most of the time background verification differs from company to company each company has its own set of rules and policies.

The background verification form is mostly asked by company HR to fill out at the time of joining or before joining to verify the history of the employee. Because some of the companies might have a section of old company profile checks, and criminal record clarification and it is considered as the last process before the joining mentioned employment.

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Background Verification: How Long Does It Take?

Normally, just form filling and details check from the form are 2 steps of the background verification process. This whole process takes up a minimum of one week depending on the agency handling the candidate. The process takes time for:

  • Consider To Add Details In the Background Verification Process PDF.
  • Make A Form Or Directly Download it From The UBS HR Toolkit.
  • Give It To Candidates.
  • Verifying A Candidate’s Background During The Time Of A Job Application.
  • Verifying the Candidate’s Identity In The Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

The rationale for the lengthy process is the need of the organization to gather a sufficient number of data and information. This information may be delayed since they may need to reach out to government agencies just to grab necessities.

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What Documents Are Required For Background Check?

There are numerous documents required for doing a background check. One of these documents includes a background verification form. Background verification form word will be used with a background check consent which is similar to an authorization form. The background check form will allow the organizations to primarily check the employees and acquire other necessary paperwork to satisfy the investigation of their background.

Details such as finances, associated criminal records, and employment records are going to be included. Licenses and certifications are also considered in the period of the candidate’s background check. This will aid in determining whether a candidate is suitable for a position in a company or a member of an organization.

Details Should Be Filled In the Background Verification Form

  1. Personal Details Candidate Like Full Name, Father’s Name, Dob, Gender, Etc.
  2. Address Details: Permanent And Current Address Details.
  3. Highest Qualification Details: College Name, Address, Academic Years, University Name.
  4. Last Worked Organization Details: Corporate Name, Address, Previous Salary, Reporting Manager Name, Work Tenure, And Other Details.
  5. All Employers’ Details With Whom The Applicant Has Worked.

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Reasons To Have A Background Verification Form Template

Unlike the other forms, this form serves an individual purpose. This sort of verification document aims to deal with the various areas of the candidates such as lifestyle and other records.

This form verifies certificates and licenses too. There are some applicants who tend to lie about what they need to achieve in their application forms. Some even include certificate forms that they claim having which are often false claims just to impress the organization and company which they are applying for. By providing this form the organization can do a background check or verification about the stated certificates and licenses.

  • It Uncovers Reality

The records you get after verification uncovers reality. This is often why organizations tap into various agencies during the verification process. The candidate will also be required to submit other documents which will state their intention of verifying an individual or a completed request form in order for the agency.

  • It Assures Safety And Omits Liability

As per the verification process, people who have been convicted of a crime have the right to live their lives in a normal phase after heading out of jail. This is often when a criminal background verification form will serve a great purpose.

Each state will have varying rules and regulations about company demand for the criminal records of a person which is often a minimum of 7 years before the date of application.

  • It Aids In Selection Process

When a company is looking for new employees, the background verification form is the most useful document which should be prepared. As it gives you a clear idea about the candidate, you can consider whether he or she is an acceptable person in a volunteering club is a crucial process that demands ample time for interviewing and background checking.

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How To Fill A Background Verification Form?

Filling out this background verification form is a straightforward step to ask candidates about their background. The applicant needs to provide his or her general information. It requires adding data about the applicant which includes name, position title, and therefore the name of his employer. After this, the organization will then check the associated data and entry of the applicant by the records of the state.

This information is going to be presented to the applicant as proof that the verification process was done and that the information will be kept confidential between the hiring personnel and the applicant. No matter what sector and industry will a verification form is used, the purpose and intention of using the form should be met which is to acquire the right and exact information about a person.

From Where To Get Background Verification Application Form?

You can get the form from an online portal like google or other hiring or HR platforms. However, UBS has all the HR docs that make checking to hire candidates easy.

You can download the background verification from here.

Background Verification Form

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

How UBS Can Help You With This Process?

 If you are HR and wanted to make the hiring process easy, UBS is the one and only stop destination that can help you to make the process seamless. No matter what, stage you are UBS can help you with the most upgraded and automated HR software.

You can download a toolkit of HR docs, letters, and forms or you can get the HRMS software for a minimum charge. Don’t wait much, just book a demo!

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