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Remote Interview

What is Remote Interview?

When an interviewer and candidate are in a different place, and an interview happens- this interview is known as a remote interview. These kinds of interviews are done over video calls & conferences. Within the initial stages of the recruitment process, remote Interviews are generally utilized in the recruitment process for candidate screening. The remote interview was very useful in the Covid-19 pandemic to hire new candidates.

Key Factors To Think About Remote Interviews:

  • Prepare The Technology Prior To Avoid Problems.
  • Prepare A Backup Plan Always.
  • Minimize distractions on a phone call during the interview.
  • Don’t forget to be ready professionally.
  • Take Care Of Your Expressions.
  • Establish a network connection and use acceptable equipment.

Different Kinds of Remote Interviews

There Are Three Major Type Of Remote Interviews,

  1. Telephone Interview.
  2. One-Way Video Interview.
  3. Two-Way Video Interview.

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