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Universal Account Number (UAN)

What is a Universal Account Number [UAN]?

Universal Account Number, also known as UAN, is a 12-digit unique number that is given to every employee contributing to the Employee Provident Fund[EPF]. The UAN is first generated and then allotted to the employee by the EPFO [Employee Provident Fund Organization]. 

Earlier, when an employee used to join a new organization, they were provided with a new PF number. Therefore, it was difficult to estimate the proper pF of the employees. UAN is used to link different Member IDs under a single Universal Account Number. If an employee already has a UAN, then he/she needs to provide the same UAN while joining the new organization.

Once the employer has downloaded the UAN list, they need to follow the below steps:

  • Provide the UAN to the employees.
  • Verify Previous employment for subsequent/recurring UAN linking/generation by filling out Form11.
  • Either enter the separate KYC details of every individual or upload the bulk KYC by creating a text file as per the structure given on the EPFO website. 

Benefits of UAN

  • It helps EPFO to easily track the change in employee’s jobs.
  • The employee has to link a new PF account to the UAN when changing the job, hence, EPFO will update the same in its records.
  • UAN ensures that all PF accounts of the employees are genuine.
  • UAN facilities can be easily accessed online, making transfers and withdrawals simple while employees change jobs.

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