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Application Follow Up Email

What is an Application Follow-Up Email?

If you have sent in a job application with your resume and you haven’t heard back from the employer, it may be time to send a follow-up email. If you make sure to follow the correct procedure for any task, reaching out with a application follow-up email can be a great way to check on your application status. It will initiate a closer look into your application.

Once you have sent in your job application, it is best to give the employer at least two weeks before sending a follow-up email. Depending on the type of job application, the hiring manager may review dozens of candidates. This could be for the role you are looking out for and will need some time to sort through the list of job descriptions and job roles.

If you contact the hiring manager too soon, you might find it difficult to create a strong professional relationship with the company. However, if you wait too long before following up on the job profile, you may just miss your opportunity. A good rule of thumb is to wait a minimum of two weeks but not longer than three weeks.

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