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Product Requirements Document

What is a Product Requirements Document?

A Product Requirements Document defines the complete purpose of a product or a feature and also explains what the product should include. Your team will almost certainly fail if they don’t have this crucial document because they won’t know what constitutes a successful build.

A PRD ensures that everyone is on the same page: after reading the PRD, no one should have any doubts about what the product is or what it is designed to accomplish. It establishes very specific goals and criteria for a product and demonstrates how the product’s features fulfill the needs of the user.

Product requirements documents can demonstrate how different aspects of the product will be used to achieve the product’s aims. This document will be used by multiple teams in your firm to define the product to stakeholders, assist your sales team in pitching the product in a compelling way so that they can sell it and make money, and inform your designers about how it should appear and behave. It’s essentially your product’s blueprint.

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