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Business Case And Use Cases

What is Business Case And Use Cases?

A use case is defined as the description of all the ways an end-user can make the “use” of a system. These use cases are like requests of the system that describe what that system does in response to requests made by the customers.

In other words, you can say that a use case describes the conversation between a system and its user, a product and its consumer. Although the system is usually automated and works on its own, use cases also apply to equipment, devices, or business processes that handle an organization.

Use cases provide a foundation for gathering customer requirements and setting the project scope keeping in mind the actual customer. They are also extremely useful for having the end-users check the product or the system as the design is still in process. It leads to quicker development and a more usable system with fewer changes. While use case modeling does not provide a complete solution, it does facilitate the development of user interfaces, screen edits, and messages.

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