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Probation Period

What is the Probation Period?

The probation period or probationary period is defined period where employees are exempt from contractual terms. A probation period allows both employee and employer to decide whether the employee or company is appropriate for both. The duration of a probation period varies across companies. However, generally, they last between 3 months to a year.

Employers can take their time to check work performance if the newly hired employee is working properly or showing the same potential when they hired him or her. If it seems that the employee fails to meet expectations during this period they’re deemed unsuitable for the role. And probation period would then allow the employer to terminate their employment.

A probation period is defined as a trial or experimental period. The employees undergoing probation period are exempted from certain contractual items, especially the notice period required for termination.

Points To Be Considered For The ProbationPeriod:

  • Regularize Meetings With New Employees
  • Assess The Cultural Alignments
  • Track Record Of Employee On Probation
  • Take Data-Driven Decision At The Period Of Time

Things To Try To During The Probation Period:

  • Focus On Work
  • Concentrate On New Learning
  • Execute As Much As Knowledge You Have
  • Try Completing Work On Time
  • Be Friendly With Colleagues
  • Don’t Divert Your Work Mood

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