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Passive Candidate

What is Passive Candidate?

A candidate is one who is not looking for a job known as Passive Candidate. Passive candidates are a crucial part of the database that is loyal to the company and thus not searching for any other opportunity. Employers overlook passive candidates because they aren’t actively pursuing a job, but there are many benefits to them.

Recruiters keep track of candidates and inform them about ongoing opportunities which may suit their skills. Sometimes they can get the chance to get the job in the desired position. Sometimes, a new opportunity is better than the current one and that must be considered.  Passive candidates are usually highly experienced and qualified and already employed, and it’s going to be difficult to lure them away from their current position.

How To Attract Passive Candidates For Your Company Hiring?

  • Employee referral is an excellent way to attract passive candidates because they to do a job where someone they know and trust.
  • Lucrative job advertising is a great way to specifically target passive candidates who may be interested in your opening.
  • Social media outreach is a great way to reach out to passive candidates.

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