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Employee Referral

What is an Employee Referral?

Employee referral programs are the formal programs that employers have set up to encourage employees. This is carried out so that the employees may find referral candidates for positions within the company. The highest benefit of these referral programs is for both the employer and current employees. And you can add the potential new employees to the list of the benefits holders as well. In some cases, the company gives the employee a bonus when a recommended candidate is hired. 

A referral program is one way of ensuring that the company is recruiting the best talent for available positions in the company. Employees may have friends or coworkers who they know are talented and a perfect fit for the culture of the company. Over 80% of employers see employee referrals as the best source for generating a return on investment with the help of their existing employees. The participants are more likely to be hired in this scenario and 45% stay with an employer for more than four years, compared to candidates who are hired by a job exchange.

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