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Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)

What is Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)?

An Organizational Breakdown Structure is defined as an intermediate level of the Work Breakdown Structure. Also known as OBS, the structure displays organizational relationships and then uses them for assigning work to different resources in a project.

Mostly like WBS, or the work breakdown structure, OBS allows the complex projects in your company to be broken down into providing a more organized representation of the work to be completed.

While the Work breakdown structure is a term used to define the project during the early stages of its cycle, the OBS provides an organizational structure when the project moves towards its completion phase. The hierarchical structure here allows you to find out appropriate resources and responsibilities to be assigned. You can use this structure to handle complex projects in conjunction with the WBS, making it easier to work on. It allows an at-a-glance look at the organizational resources which are already structured in a hierarchical manner.

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