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What is Deliverable?

Deliverables are merely the project’s results or procedures that are created by projects. As a result, a deliverable might be as vast as the project’s overall goal or the documentation that is part of the broader project.

Another way to put up deliverables is that, in any project, there are inputs and outputs. This means, that what goes into the project is data, resources, and so on, and what comes out are the deliverables. Those deliverables can be a product or a service, but they can also be documentation that is part of the project completion to demonstrate that the project is finished and everything has been signed off.

Types of Deliverables

Deliverables are mostly classified into two types – Internal Deliverables and External Deliverables.

An internal deliverable is work undertaken within your company and the people outside the organization do not see the workflow.

An external deliverable is a work done for a client, customer, or stakeholder with the goal of generating revenue for the organization.

In either case, you must know that the deliverable is expected on a specific date, which is also known as the due date.

Moreover, Project Management officials are known to classify the deliverables by types. These are as follows:

  • Project Deliverables – These are usually for the external stakeholders
  • Planning Deliverables – Project artifacts, management plans, budgeting, scheduling, etc.
  • Activity Deliverables – Meeting, Status Reports, Reviews, etc.

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