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Extreme Programming (XP)

What is Extreme Programming (XP)?

Extreme programming is a type of software development process that falls under the umbrella of agile methodologies. The purpose of XP is to allow small to mid-sized teams to generate high-quality software while adapting to evolving and changing needs. It is based on values, principles, and practices.

XP distinguishes itself from other agile approaches by emphasizing the technical components of software development. Because adopting engineering principles allows teams to generate high-quality code at a sustainable speed, extreme programming is quite specific to how engineers work.

In a word, extreme programming is about taking good practices to their logical conclusion. Extreme Programming, also known as XP, is a concept that emphasizes teamwork the most. Managers to customers, and developers are all equal partners here. They form a collaborative team here. Extreme Programming is defined as a technique that implements a simple, yet effective environment enabling teams to become highly productive to achieve a goal. You will see the team self-organizing around the problem to solve it as efficiently as possible.

There are five essential ways in which Extreme Programming helps a software project. They are:

  • Communication
  • Simplicity
  • Feedback
  • Respect
  • Courage

Extreme Programmers are the individuals who constantly communicate with their customers and fellow programmers. They keep their design of the program simple and clean.

Also, See: Extreme Project Management (XPM)

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