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Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

What is Nominal Group Technique?

Nominal Group Technique (NGT) is a group brainstorming technique that involves opinions from every team member and facilitates quick agreement on the importance of issues, problems, and solutions. The team members begin by writing their ideas and then voting is done to select the best solution to the problem. When every team member is ready, they propose their best proposal, and then the best idea is selected based on the point system. The scores of the individual participant are then combined to come to the final decision.

When to use NGT?

  • When some team members are more vocal than others
  • When some people think better in silence
  • Some team members are new to the team
  • when all group members are not actively participating
  • the topic is controversial or there is heated conflict

Steps of Nominal Group Technique

  • Firstly, the facilitator greets all the participants and gives a brief about the issue that is to be resolved 
  • After the issue has been briefed, all the team members are given time to think and write their thoughts concerning the topic without sharing them with others.
  • Once every team member finishes writing, they start presenting their proposal one by one to the rest of the group. During this time, the facilitator writes down the points on the flip map, allowing everybody a fair chance to express their views.
  • After all the points have been written on the chart, the participants are invited to clarify the points they believe need to be clarified.

As soon as this process completes, the team members are invited to vote or rate the proposals for which the meeting is being arranged.

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